FDA Punches TV Herbalist


Over False Alarm On Sausage

The Food Drugs Authority (FDA), has taken on a loudmouth herbalist, Oheneba Ntim-Barimah, accusing him of forgery, as well as making false claims on the manufacture, consumption and so-called side-effects of eating sausages.

In a press statement sent to The Herald, last Saturday, the FDA revealed that a video making the rounds on the manufacture of sausages with claims that sausages cause fibroid in women, was “deliberately falsified to misinform Ghanaians” by the owner of the “Soul Health and Wellness Centre- Oheneba Centre” located inside the Madina Estate, Accra.

The statement, signed by Hudu Mogtari, Chief Executive of the FDA said, its attention has “…been drawn to a video clip aired on NET 2 TV Station, which is also in circulation on mobile phones courtesy Oheneba Ntim-Barimah. The video clip attempts to describe the process of sausage manufacturing”.

However, “FDA after carefully watching the video clip wishes to inform the general public that the video is inaccurate, mischievous and deliberately falsified to misinform Ghanaians”.

“It is noteworthy that Oheneba Ntim- Barimah, put together two pieces of video clips to present his own concept of sausage manufacture. This is evidenced by the fact that: the first 30 seconds of the video clip was culled from a video clip on how pigs are destroyed in Europe after an outbreak of disease”.

“However, Oheneba Ntim- Barimah chose this portion for his clip to carry the impression that in sausage manufacture, dirty, un-slaughtered pigs/animals are crushed with their bodies, heads, intestines, blood, faeces, fur and feet”.

“In the second half of the clip, Oheneba Ntim- Barimah actually culled an advertisement on sausage processing by JOHN MORELL to complete his concept of sausage manufacture”.

The statement continued that “…the full clip in the original JOHN MORELL video on sausage which is in the custody of FDA details the use of edible parts of properly slaughtered, non-diseased animals for sausage manufacture”, adding “Oheneba Ntim-Barimah deleted the portion of the JOHN MORELL video Clip which would have exposed him”.

“The video clip pauses and Oheneba Ntim- Barimah shows clips of a woman who has been operated on for fibroid and Oheneba Ntim- Barimah attributes the incidence of fibroid in the woman to the consumption of sausage”.

“This is a fallacy and unfortunately, disingenuous way to promote healthy lifestyle by telling people not to patronize sausages”, it said.

The FDA said, it regulates, “inter-alia, the safety and quality of sausages whether imported or manufactured locally. None of the six (6) local sausage manufacturing companies registered by the FDA manufactures sausage as described by Oheneba Ntim- Barimah in his video clip”.

The FDA, therefore, “takes a strong exception to the video clip of Oheneba Ntim- Barimah since it is inaccurate, deceptive and has been deliberately put together to cause unnecessary fear and panic in addition to undermining our collective effort to develop the sausage industry for national development”.

The authority, however, did not indicate whether punitive measures would be taken against Oheneba Ntim- Barimah, over his false claims and unnecessary alarm.

Oheneba Ntim- Barimah, who is not known to have any qualification in orthodox or herbal medicine, is noted for running down certified pharmaceutical products, manufactured by reputable institutions, with all sorts of wild claims through his radio programme on NET 2 TV Station.

In many instances, he took on the FDA for carrying out its legally mandated work of cracking down unwholesome, substandard or fake medicines and alcoholic beverage makers, claiming political witch-hunt.

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