FDA Must Check Fake Plastic Foods In The Market


The penchant for quick money, is driving some of our compatriots to adopt unorthodox means of survival, regardless of the consequences of their actions to their fellow men.

Not too long ago, there were reports of plastic rice on the market, it took the intervention of the Food and Drugs Authourity (FDA) to dispel that rumour and set the record straight, allaying fears of unsuspecting consumers.

We have rampant cases where importers collude with foreign manufacturers, especially Chinese manufacturers, to produce fake and substandard goods like motor spare parts, household items, electronics, shoes and clothes, as well as pharmaceuticals.

Using a fake product is not the same thing as ingesting an artificial (unnatural) product like plastic in the mistaken belief that one is eating food or chewing meat.

A video went viral last week, with a woman preparing Lipton. When she added sugar in the tea, after pouring the milk, the color of the tea changed to brown, it became tick like someone preparing mashed kenkey.

There is also this information trending about intestines that is supposed to be rubber. It is actually getting scary by the day, because these foodstuffs are something we consume on daily basis, without regards to how they are manufactured and from where.

In Ghana, we seldom even look at expiry dates, before buying products.

If the rubber intestines in the market are true, then we have a serious problem as a people and we begin to ask, how our regulatory authorities are working.

We even force farm produce like bananas, plantain, mango, oranges to ripe unnaturally by using calcium carbide, a very poisonous chemical with carcinogenic properties.

It is convenient to conjecture that the only reason why anyone would want to indulge in this dastardly act is to make enormous profit and become classified as a successful businessman or woman.

This, in our considered view, is profiteering taken to insane limits.


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