FDA And The Fight Against Bleaching Cream

The Food and Drugs Authourity last week, issued a statement banning the sale of products that contain a chemical called hydroquinone mostly found in body bleaching creams.

The chemical according to the Authourity, causes skin cancer. This is not the first time an attempt has been made to ban leaching cream. In the 80’s a concerted effort was made, accompanied by advertisement and programmes, warning people about the dangers of bleaching.

The problem of leaching, in times past used to be associated with ladies, these days both sexes engage in the act.

Black is beautiful, so we at The Herald, are baffled as to why, an individual will consciously buy cream to change their pigmentation.

The FDA, has acted timeously by issuing the statement, we hope they will move with dispatch to clear the system of the products.

The situation is dire, as the kind and caliber of people involved now, has gone beyond just the illiterates in the villages to the sophisticated ladies in the city.

We, have heard that, there is a pill that also enhances the skin. We will be happy if the FDA, will look out for that pill and ban it too, in addition to the creams.

We urge other regulatory authourities, as well as agencies manning our points of entry to be vigilant, in ensuring that, ban substances do not find their way into the Ghanaian market.

Cancer is a dangerous disease and the cost of treatment is very high, we are at a lost, why a rational humanbeing blessed with a colour as unique as black, will want to spend their hard earned money to buy a product that has the potential to give them a deadly disease.

Every well-meaning Ghanaian must help the FDA to rid the country of any cream containing hydroquinone.



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