Favour-Seeking Chief Justice Wants Two-Year Contract


Months After Buying Her Official Bungalow

On June 8, 2017, Chief Justice Georgina Wood (née Lutterodt), officially retires from the Judicial Service, as the foremost judge of the land, having attained the constitutionally retiring age of 70, but The Herald is informed that, she is busy lobbying for a two-year contract to stay in office, and retire when she is 72.

The information about the Chief Justice’s adventure, is making the rounds in the Judicial Service and her colleagues Supreme Court justices, as well as the Ghana Bar Association (GBA), with many describing it as a “precedence in the history of judiciary” per Article 145 (2b) of the 1992 Constitution, which insists on 70 years as a retiring age for a Supreme Court Judge.

Mrs. Wood, had risen from Circuit Court to become Chief Justice.

Ghana’s first ever female Chief Justice since June 2007, according to this paper’s information, has been engaging church members to reach President John Dramani Mahama to grant her the two-year contract.

It is not yet clear, whether any of the church members, have mustered the courage to approach President Mahama, over this all-important constitutional matter.

This is not the first time that, Chief Justice Georgina Wood, has sought favour from the Presidency using her membership of the Ringway Gospel Assemblies of God Church at Osu in Accra, where President Mahama fellowships.

Recently, she applied to the government through the Office of the President to purchase her official state bungalow in Cantonment near the AU Village close to Labone in Accra.

The application was said to have been forwarded to Commodore Steve Obimpe to review and advice. The Herald is informed that it was recommended that the bungalow be sold to her.

Interestingly, the same Chief Justice, had circulated a memo warning all judges not to apply to purchase their official bungalows.

Under the erstwhile administration of John Kufuor, a tall list of government appointees, had allocated to themselves state bungalows to buy at ridiculous prices.

Those, who could not get the state bungalows, were given juicy state lands at knockdown prices at prime locations, including Cantonment, North Ridges, Roman Ridge and Airport Residential Area.

Chief Justice Wood, was among those who were given the famous International Students’ Hostel land at the Airport Residential Area in Accra.

The John Mills administration, later revoked the release agreement and reverted the land, which as earlier earmarked for the construction of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Chief Justice Wood, was appointed to the Supreme Court by President John Kufuor on November 12, 2002, an appointment she had earlier declined.

She was subsequently nominated for the position of Chief Justice in May 2007. On June 1, 2007, the Parliament of Ghana approved her nomination, as the new Chief Justice by consensus.

She was born on June 8, 1947, and had her basic education at Bishop’s Girls and Methodist Schools, Dodowa.

She went on to attend Mmofraturo Girls School, Kumasi between 1958 and 1960. Georgina Wood’s secondary education, was at Wesley Girls’ High School, Cape Coast, where she completed in 1966.

She proceeded to the University of Ghana (UG), Legon, where she was awarded the LL.B. in 1970.

She then proceeded to the Ghana Law School, after which she was called to the bar. She has also done the Post-Graduate Officers Training Course at the Ghana Police College.

Working Life

Georgina Wood, worked with the Ghana Police Service as a deputy superintendent and public prosecutor for three years. She later joined the Judicial Service as a District Magistrate in 1974. She rose through the Circuit and High Courts to become the presiding judge of the Appeal Court in 1991.

As at June 2007, she became the first woman in the history of Ghana to head the Judiciary and also made her at the time, the highest ranked female in Ghana’s political history; that rank was surpassed by the appointment of Justice Joyce Adeline Bamford-Addo as Speaker of the 5th Parliament of Ghana’s 4th Republic in January 2009.

Chief Justice Wood, assumed office on June 15, 2007.

Since taking office, she has sworn-in three Presidents, the late President, John Evans Atta-Mills in January 2009, then Vice-President John Dramani Mahama, upon the death of president Mills on July 24, 2012, and President-Elect John Dramani Mahama, winner of the December 2012 General Elections on January 7, 2013.

The Georgina Wood committee was set up on July 4, 2006, to investigate the disappearance from a shipping vessel MV Benjamin of 77 packets of cocaine on April 26, 2006.

It was also to investigate an alleged 200,000 dollars bribe paid to senior police officers by a lady linked to a Venezuelan drug baron, and also the 588 kg of cocaine seized at Mempeasem, East Legon from the Venezuelans.

Georgina Wood, is a choir leader at the Ringway Gospel Centre Assemblies of God Church, Accra. She is also the Chairperson of the Alternative Dispute Resolution in Ghana.

She has also served as a member of the Kenya Judges and Magistrates Vetting Board. She serves on the board of the Global Justice Center, an international human rights law organization based in New York City.

Georgina Wood is married to Edwin Wood, a retired banker.

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