Fasting Risky For 71-Year-Old Nana Addo’s Health –Cousin KSM


Talk Show host and comedian, Kwaku Sintim Misa (KSM), has expressed concerns that the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo-Addo, will be taking part in the one-week fasting declared by the party.

Nana Addo, backed the fasting and prayer session to help the party deal with the current crisis. “Nana is in his 70s, it [fasting] might not be good for his health,” KSM said in a post on his Facebook page on Monday.

The renowned comedian, also charged the NPP to do away with its “archaic” thinking that it is under demonic attack therefore, only fasting and prayers can resolve their problems. “Let me state that I do not subscribe to the view that the NPP is under attack from Demons. THAT IS SO ARCHAIC. The NPP is just suffering from a serious conflict of different political agendas.” Nana Addo last Friday declared a one-week fast to rid the party of any demonic attack due the tensions which had arisen as a result of the murder of the party’s Upper East Regional chairman, Adam Mahama. The NPP began the fasting and prayers on Sunday at the party’s headquarters with the clergy and key party members in attendance. Below is the full post of KSM NPP FASTING AND PRAYERS I really didn’t want to do this. My wife and family have made me promise to stop wading into politics. It is a very hostile terrain. You do not venture into it unless you are comfortable with insults.

I am not comfortable with it, but I am going to break my promise and rush where a-58-year-old should fear to tread. I will offer my very unsolicited advice to the NPP. I hereby present my head for the guillotine. Let me state that I do not subscribe to the view that the NPP is under attack from Demons. THAT IS SO ARCHAIC. The NPP is just suffering from a serious conflict of different political agendas. These agendas have come to a head. This is an extremely common ailment in politics.

Factions in a political party are nothing new. Every major political party has factions; they just have to be managed. Perhaps it has been difficult managing the factions in the NPP because of extreme EGOS. The little I know is that in politics YOU SACRIFICE INDIVIDUAL EGOS for the GREATER GOOD of the PARTY. If you have a situation where everyone wants to assert their EGOS and individual interests above the party, it creates rifts and deepens the tensions. I want my brothers and sisters in the NPP to remember as they go to God that they shouldn’t approach God with fasting and prayers while nothing is done PRACTICALLY to unify the factions.

There is this story of a man, who was always hounding God with fasting and prayer. He was praying to God to give him grace to win the lottery. Finally God got frustrated and he yelled to the guy: ‘KUMI AT LEAST BUY THE TICKETS!!!” The man had not even done what he needed to do, and yet was hounding God with fasting and prayers. How do you win lotto when you don’t stake it. God is going to react the same way and tell the NPP, “AT LEAST UNITE THE FACTIONS!” I call on my own cousin Nana Akufo-Addo to realize that as bad is this looks, it is an onerous responsibility and task for him to rise above all the factions and unite the party.

Contrary to popular misconception, this s not a DEMONIC attack. It is a RARE OPPORTUNITY being offered to Nana Addo to shine. His ability to rise to the occasion and unify the party will enhance his stature as a leader and add value to his leadership credit. It will be said that when the NPP was submerged in crisis, Nana Addo was able to put the party together. To me it is by far a better credit and more practical than going to God with all the factions. My friends, you may pray to God for your daily bread but for Christ’s sake get the eggs yourself. Here are a list of things I believe should be done by the NPP that is vital to healing the party.

An unqualified public apology from Kennedy Agyapong to Former President Kufour and his former chief of Staff. A public acceptance of the apology A unity gathering of Nana Addo, Afoko, Kwabena Agyapong supported by the likes of Kufour, Mpianim, Appiah Menka, Ama Busia, Sam Okudzeto, and all the power brokers of the various factions.

The unity gathering, should be dedicated to Adams Mahama, and that platform used to announce that that as sad as it is, he did not die in vain. A final pledge to the public that they will all humbly submit to the greater interest of the party and renew their pledge to Nana as a united party.

If the NPP can do this, God will be happy and they will not need to fast for one week. Nana is in his 70s, it might not be good for his health. I am done, and my head is fully offered. Feel free to chop it. #‎unsolicitedadvice.

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