Farmers Day Holiday Is For All Ghanaians

The President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT), Christian Addai-Poku, on the occasion of the National Teachers Day, has renewed calls for October 5, to be declared a holiday in Ghana.

October 5, every year, is celebrated in the country as the National Teachers Day, it is a day that is used to celebrate and award hardworking teachers, who have contributed and continue to contribute immensely to the human resource development of the country.

The proposal by NAGRAT is that, in observing the holiday, should government agree to their request, only teachers and students would mark the day.

Every first Friday of December, we celebrate our gallant farmers. An award scheme has been instituted to reward and recognize the contribution of each deserving farmer, the day is declared a public holiday and it is observed by all Ghanaians, regardless of your profession.

Another day on our calendar is set aside to celebrate workers of this country. The workers include the teachers, who are also asking for a separate day for them to observe another holiday alone. We have international day of the media, fathers day, mothers day, should all these days be declared as public holidays and observed as such.

We are not underestimating the contribution of teachers in any country, in fact we are what we all are, because we had good teachers to shape and mould us into responsible citizens, who are also contributing their quota to the social-economic development of the country.

For a day to be set aside to celebrate teachers, is enough recognition and appreciation of their worth. Ghana has too many holidays already, which is affecting productivity, to declare another one, will be one too many.

No holiday in this country, will be restricted. Muslims are not precluded from enjoy Easter and Christmas holidays, Christians are equally not prevented from observing the Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid0Ul-Adha holidays observed by Mulsims, so should farmers not be prevented from observing National Teachers Day, when it is accepted by the government to observe it as such.


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