Fare Well Madam Theodosia Okoh


Yesterday, Ghana bided farewell to one of her illustrious daughters, who has contributed in putting Ghana on the map of comity of nations.

The loss to the country and her family cannot be lost on us anytime soon. Madam Theodosia Okoh, yesterday joined her ancestors, after fulfilling her purpose on earth.

At the time when Ghana attained independence and needed a national identity, she stood up and was counted. She designed what was going to be the best identity any country could be proud of and that was the national flag.

She died a proud Ghanaian and a fulfilled person. The country cannot pay her for her contribution to national discovery and identity, but anytime we hoist the flag of Ghana anywhere in any part of the world, we will carry her legacy with us.

We commend the President, John Dramani Mahama and his Ministers, including ex-President, Jerry John Rawlings, and all those who graced her funeral yesterday, for making time, despite their busy schedules to commiserate with her family.

What they have done, is an encouragement and motivation to every Ghanaian, who will remember yesterday will know that, when they contribute meaningfully to the development of this country, they will not be forgotten.

We at The Herald, will take this opportunity to send our heartfelt condolences to her family and to tell them that, the day she designed the national flag, was the day she became a national asset. We, therefore, on behalf of Ghanaians, thank them very much for giving her to us.

Madam Theodosia, lived a proud Ghanaian and she died a hero, never to be forgotten.

We wish her eternal rest in the bosom of the Lord.

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