Fan Milk Must Ensure Their Retailers Exhibit Cleanliness


Everybody in Ghana, both the old and young, have at one time in their lives bought Yoghurt or Fan Ice in traffic or on the street.

Over the years, the container for the vending of the products of FAN MILK Ghana Limited, has gone through various transformations, from the use of light rubber with cartons on both sides that the vendors carry, to the use of ‘push carts’.

Unfortunately for the consumers, what has remained the same, are the people driving the retail end of the products.
The young men, who hawk the products, are always shabbily dressed, with smelly armpits, because they travel long distances, moving from one area to another.

Most of the retailers in addition to the Fan Yoghurt, Fan Ice and Tampico, sell meat pie, which complement any of the Fan Milk products, how these pies are prepared, definitely is not within the control of Fan Milk Ghana Limited, so we won’t begrudge them.

What the company can do, however, is to ensure that the people selling their products and the accompanying product, are equally well packaged and sold in hygienic conditions.

This is a country where people urinates or visit places of convenience and do not see the need to wash their hands, at least with water, let alone soap and these sellers are no exception.

In cases where one is conscious of his or her health and demands that these young men do the right thing by not serving customers with bare hands, but must cover or put their hands in the piece of polythene they serve the pie in, they feel insulted and end up sometimes not selling it at all to the customer.

On many occasions, a colleague experienced this and in one occasion, the vendor threatened to beat her up because, she demanded that he did the right thing.

They also hold a lot of money that go through various hands, before reaching them, and so it is only appropriate that, they always the above suggestion.

In Ghana, we take a lot of things for granted, including our health. The Ministry of Health and the relevant institutions such as the Food and Drug Authourity (FDA), must endeavor to find a means of insisting that, the people who hawk Fan Milk products and other beverages on our streets maintain a certain standard of cleanliness and appearance.

Appearance is very important in attracting and appealing customers, yet in our part of the world, selling or hawking some product, means we must look scrappy and dirty.
We do not always have the benefit of washing yoghurt or Fan Ice before drinking, because these are beverages we buy in traffic or in town whiles walking, to quench our
thirst and energize us.

Why is it that the producers of these products do not want to find out how the products are sold and who sells it amazes us.

These have been going on for so long that no one seems to care or take notice of.

In 2014, there was an outbreak of cholera in the country, especially the Greater Accra Region, among the factors cited for the cause of the outbreak was the rubbish that has engulfed us. We forgot that, the food and drinks we take could also have contributed to the outbreak.

Something urgent must be done to avoid any outbreak from the beverages being sold on our streets, because all it needed is for one contaminated hand to sell the beverages to unsuspecting consumers.

We must ensure and introduce some professionalism in the way we do things in this country.

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