Fadi Dabbousi Running From Citi FM Boss’ GH¢1 Million Lawsuit



Lebanese born Ghanaian, Fadi Dabbousi, who is a columnist on Ghanaweb, is running from a defamation suit filed against him by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Omni Media Company Ltd, operators of Citi FM, at the High Court in Accra.

Samuel Atta-Mensah, popularly called “SAMENS” issued the lawsuit against loudmouth Akufo-Addo fanatic on May 21, 2019, and Fadi, was expected to make appearance within eight days, but according to bailiffs, all effort to locate him and serve him the legal documents, have proven futile.

Fadi Dabbousi, had appeared all-brave and macho, however, he has suddenly gone into hibernation more than a month now, failing to dignify the court with the needed response.

He has vacated his known home and all other possible places he could be tracked down and handed the papers from the court.

So evasive has Fadi Dabbousi become, that several ambush laid for him at a friend’s shop near 37 Military Hospital, where he frequents, has not yielded any results, The Herald learnt.

The Lebanese, who has employs insults and vitriolic attacks in his political discourses, has this time stirred the hornet’s nest with Mr Atta-Mensah, former boss of the Coastal Development Authority (CDA), pursuing him all over the place, albeit unsuccessfully.

The Herald, gathered that the defamation lawsuit against Fadi Dabbousi, came about as a result of Fadi Dabbousi’s article on Ghanaweb accusing Mr Atta-Mensah, his radio station and others, of causing treasonable offences against the state.

In an article dated May 18, 2019, Fadi wrote “How can someone alleged to have lived a youth of drunkenness and drug affliction speak to issues that his outfit has totally misrepresented. In any case if there is anything to say about Samens nauseating haughtiness the fact that he was able to read the apology rendered in my earlier article when I realized that he was made to resign as the Head of the Coastal Development Authority speaks volumes. Someone as Samuel Atta-Mensah, who can hardly develop any mental condition to handle himself with any respect to reflect on his family and shameful outfit can certainly not be worth any position”.

Fadi Dabbousi, according to the writ, made unsubstantiated claims which in the view of SAMENS amount to defamatory, hence the lawsuit against.

The CITI FM boss, is therefore, praying the High Court to declare Fadi Dabbousi’s words as indeed, defamatory and award an amount of GHc1, 000,000.00, as damages against the Lebanese-Ghanaian.

Mr Atta-Mensah, who resigned his position as CDA boss, is also praying the High Court to order Fadi Dabbousi to publish an apology and a retraction of his article given it the same prominence as his earlier one which was injurious to his (plaintiff’s) reputation.

The CEO of CITI FM, also wants an injunction restraining Fadi Dabbousi from further publishing or causing to be published the said or similar words defamatory against him.

Finally, SAMENS, is also asking the court to direct Fadi Dabbousi to bear his legal fees.

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