Facebook love dangerous – Police warn


The Ghana Police Service has kick-started its online education series dubbed ‘Time with the Police’ on social media platforms Facebook and Twitter, as part of its quest to ensure a security-conscious populace.

The maiden edition today, Tuesday, 9 July 2019 focused on “How to enhance your personal security”.

In the Facebook live video, the Director-General, Public Affairs Directorate of the Police Service, ACP David Senanu Eklu, charged the public, especially the youth to be more security-conscious and avoid posting too much information about themselves on social media.

He advised the youth to be conscious of persons who lure and defraud people under the pretext of love.

ACP Eklu said: “Social media is a new craze, we’re all fascinated with social media but while it is a convenient tool used in communicating, in sending photos, in sending messages etc., it can also be a tool that criminals can use to get at you.

“If you’re on Facebook, please don’t disclose your travel itinerary and your location. If you’re on Facebook, don’t give too much detailed information about where you work, when you get home, where you go for holidays etc.

“We’ve also had occasions where people have used Facebook accounts to defraud by faking your photos, your social engagements, so, be careful using Facebook.”

ACP Eklu added that: “Young persons have also fallen victim to blackmail and all kinds of exposure of their privacy because they have fallen in love with somebody on Facebook. This is dangerous. Let’s go back to our traditional system of falling in love and be very careful when you’re contacted on Facebook or any other social media handle that you may not be able to guarantee the person behind the other end.”

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