Expresso Dying Slowly ?


Imagine our joy and relief, when we read and heard in the news that Expresso Ghana Limited, has been sold, unfortunately our excitement was short-lived as the Telecommunication company came out with dispatch to deny the story, saying the story making the rounds and culled from the company’s website was misinterpreted.

Not too long ago, Expresso was the preferred network for most businesses and individuals, when it comes to efficient and timely provision of internet. The company has not done well, when it comes to the provision of voice service, by way of calls, it was way ahead of its counterparts in meeting the internet needs of Ghanaians.

Even though the company was losing customers on a monthly basis as figures release by the National Communication Authourity (NCA) indicates, its internet service was still doing well, but that too was only a hoax, because the company had no plans to sustain it.

For some time now, the service of Expresso has gone from bad to worse, it takes about an hour, sometimes even more to load one website and it is no longer funny, but embarrassing.

We buy credit and bundle in anticipation of getting access to the internet; we do not do that because we like Expresso, more than the other networks, but rather customers in search of quality service.

Their customers are expecting the same level of urgency with which they responded to the purported sale, when it comes to getting their internet up and running.

The best thing that could happen to that company is the news that it has been sold. It is obvious that the company is not ploughing back what it makes by way of profit into the company to improve its service.

The telecommunication sector is one of the most competitive sectors in the services industry, and so any company that is desirous of staying in the game must up its stake, but from every indication it looks like Expresso does not belong to the future, for as long as the company remains in the hands of every current Sudanese owners.

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