Ex-Soldier Doubts Police Officers Involvement In Kitchen Coup


 Security analyst, Colonel Retired Festus Aboagye, says the two senior Police officers, who have so far been questioned over the alleged coup plot are not officers who are willing to jeopardise the security of the state.

ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzo coup plotters

“For now, it has not been established that Mr Agordzor is part of the inner circles of the group. I know him and I can’t vouch for him but I’m not too sure Mr Agordzor, will be part of the core clique. Dr. Agordzo is not a coup maker, he is not somebody who will be involved in overthrowing government. The mere allegation that anybody is charged with treason is a very serious prospect.

“I don’t think COP Kofi Boakye and Dr. Agordzor will plan coup in this country even though I cannot vouch for them. Let’s be patient and allow the state exhaust the options,” he told Francis Abban on the Morning Starr yesterday.

ACP Dr. Benjamin Agordzor and COP Kofi Boakye, have so far been questioned over the alleged attempt to destabilise the country.

While COP Boakye was set free after responding to an invitation by the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI), ACP Agordzor, is being detained and has been charged with abetment for treason by the state.

He, however, believes he is persecuted.

festus aboagye kofi-boakye Peter Toobu

According to his lawyer, Martin Akpebu, the reasons his client is being held by the BNI are weak.

“Essentially, they are holding him over whatsApp messages. The fact that he was giving advice on lawful means of holding demonstration and donating towards a philanthropic course. They also say he said conditions for Arab spring are rife in Ghana, this something that most commentators on various issues have one point said before,” he told Francis Abban on the Morning Starr Tuesday.

He added: ”My client sees the case as a witch-hunt and persecution over his outspokenness. The way he spoke out at the IDEG event about how the police is not independent and the political interference in the service. This is not something he should be detained. He sees this case as a witch hunt, as persecution. At the IDEG event he had said the police is not independent”.

Mr Agordzor, has been charged with abetment for treason by the state after he was invited for questioning on Monday. He is currently on detention at the BNI.

Already, senior military officer, Colonel Samuel Kojo Gameli and a civilian employee of the Ghana Armed Forces GershunAkpa, have been charged for their role in what the government describes as an “elaborate plot targeted at the Presidency.”

State Prosecutor, ASP Asare told the Kaneshie District Court, that the serving soldiers were members of Take Action Ghana, a group of which Dr. Frederick Yao Mac-Palm is the leader.

According to him, they planned to engage in several demonstrations aimed at overthrowing the government.

ASP Asare disclosed that the suspects contracted one other person already in custody to produce explosives and guns at the Citadel Hospital.

The prosecution further revealed that GH¢2,300.00, was paid for six pistols while GH¢400.00 has since been paid for some explosives.

Meanwhile, lawyers of the nine persons who have been charged with treason felony have accused the military High Command of invasion of privacy.

According to the lawyers, who have some of their clients with the Ghana Armed Forces remanded at the Military custody, anytime they have conferences with them, persons with the Defence Intelligence Unit sit-in and record their private conversation.

Lawyer Kodjogah Adawudu, made this known to the Kaneshie District Court presided over by Her ladyship, Mrs Eleanor Botwe, when the case was called on Monday, October 28.

ASP Sylvester Asare, prosecutor in the matter, on his part said nothing of that sought has come to his attention.

He, however, assured the court that he would liaise with his colleagues at the GAF to make sure the right thing is done and report back to the court.

Interestingly, former Executive Secretary to the immediate-past Inspector General of Police (IGP) David Asante Apeatu, now opposition NDC’s candidate in the Wa West constituency, Superintendent Peter LancheneToobu is set to be invited by National Security and Bureau of National Investigations.

A source inside the state security apparatus disclosed that he will appear to assist in investigations regarding his “involvement” in the recent coup plot as his communications and exchanges with the coup plotters is being examined by a team of experts.

Other sources inside National Security when reached refused to give further details about the specific nature of Superintendent Toobu’s involvement in the coup plot but said he was a “key, active source of motivation” for the coup plotters.

He is currently considered as a “person of interest” and has not yet been charged, MyNewsGh.com was told.

The source dismissed as false any suggestion that the arrests (and in the case of COP Boakye, the invitation) is a deliberate strategy to ‘purge’ the Ghana Police Service of ‘outspoken’, popular Senior Police Officers who are loved by the Ghanaian public.

The swoop on Toobu comes after the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Dr. Benjamin Agordzor, was charged with abetment to commit treason for his alleged involvement in the same coup plot. He is alleged to be a key financial backer of the coup plotters who the government said had been cooking an elaborate plan to destabilize the country.

Peter Toobu, retired voluntarily from the Ghana Police Service to contest as a parliamentary candidate of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Wa West Constituency of the Upper West Region which he won.

Superintendent Peter Lanchene Toobu, is fondly remembered for his infamous presentation on corruption within the police service and how the public perceives personnel of the service which went viral on various social media platforms.

Toobu upon his election as NDC candidate, said opposition leader John Mahama, while in office demonstrated that he was the best for the country due to the good policies he put in place, as well as the infrastructure he built.

He, therefore, asked the electorate to compare the achievements of Mr Mahama and President Akufo-Addo and vote for the NDC flagbearer, because of his achievements.

He said, if MrM ahama would win the polls, it will largely depend on the work of the parliamentary candidates across the country and, thus, urged them to campaign for Mr Mahama, as they go about their own campaigns.

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