Ex-Immigration Officer Challenges GIS Boss


By Cecil Mensah

An aggrieved ex-officer of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), Mr Joseph Anthony Ayienaab, has challenged the GIS boss to come clean, on the issues raised in the petition presented to the President, John Dramani Mahama last year over some corrupt practices in the Service, since Dr Peter Alex Wiredu assumed office as the Director.

According to him, the statement released by the Public Affairs Officer of GIS on December 23, 2013 headlined “Who is the Real Brain behind Ayienab’s “Petition” Against the Director of Immigration?, failed to answer some of the pertinent issues raised in the petition presented to the Flagstaff House on December 16, 2013 captioned “Petition Against Dr Peter Wiredu and Madam Rose Atinga Bio,a Commissioner of Police for Unfair Treatment”.

Mr Ayienaab, who was a Deputy Superintendant in the Service stationed in Accra, after being transferred from the Western Region said, the fact that the Mr Francis Palmdeti zeroed on the petition being orchestrated by disgruntled officers no more with the Service, was to dodge the issues of Mr Peter Wiredu collecting between GH¢ 1,500 and GH¢2,500 each for the acquisition of United States of America Visas and GH¢ 1,200 from each recruit into the Service.

He said, the act of the Public Affairs Officer, was to beg the issue and to divert the attention of the general public.
He further challenged the GIS to make public the numerous disciplinary actions pending against him in the Service, as well as the docket on his indebtedness to the tune of GH¢ 25,610.00 to Progressive Alfat Car Rental.

A close aide of Mr. Ayienaab, threw this challenge in a reaction to the statement released by the Service in an interaction with The Herald.
He said, even though he collected the money on behalf of the Director, all the monies paid by the recruits and travelers seeking visas were handed over to Dr Wiredu.

He stressed that the statement failed to address the issues of the collection of the money, which upon receipt he (Mr Wiredu) failed to secure the Visas for the one hundred and fifty-nine travelers and the twenty –two prospective recruits into the service.

Even though Dr Wiredu promised to refund the money when people started mounting pressure, he later refused to pay up which resulted in “me staying away from work”

He said, for the statement to focus on trivial issues, such as the Service being headed by a Director and not a Director –General is a matter of semantics on the part of the spokesperson of the Service.

He noted that for the Public Affairs Officer to say that it is strange that a senior officer of the Service cannot state with accuracy when he was posted to his current station; if indeed this so-called petition is the handiwork of the said officer, then one could easily take him for a person who is disoriented or whose state of mind appears to be disturbed is fleeing from the issues and doing the bidding of his pay master was unfortunate.

He stated that nobody is out to maliciously tarnish the image of the Director as claimed by the statement that the Director by dint of hard work and humility, has built a remarkable reputation for himself as a former Police Officer both at home and abroad.

He challenged the GIS boss to openly speak on the allegations leveled against him in the said petition and not hide behind structures of the service to defend himself.

He maintained that the allegations raised in the petition were about the illicit activities of the GIS boss and not the Service so he (GIS boss) cannot hide behind the structures of the Service to address issues affecting his person.

When The Herald called up Mr Francis Palmdeti, to respond to the challenge posed by the ex-officer, he did not answer but responded to a text message sent to his phone saying “it unfortunate that he did not read my release carefully …please get a copy and read it carefully.

The allegations are not true” he said alerting this reporter that he was in a meeting

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