Everyone With Little Influence Wants To Be A Contractor

Since the beginning of the year and, especially this month, the country, has recorded high incidence of road accidents.

They are myriad of reasons associated with the carnage on our roads, but one that, we have not paid attention to, is the number of contractors we have in the country.

Every political party comes with its own set of contractors. A very technical and highly skilled area has now been reserved for party apparatchiks.

We create new contractors every month; the situation assumes an alarming rate anytime there is a change of government.

We risk as a country, sacrificing the lives of the people, when we leave construction jobs, especially roads to party supporters, because my government is in power.

The offices of the Registrar Generals department will be buzzing with people, who will be trooping there to register companies, desirous of going into construction.

We have Road Contractors Association of Ghana, how many road contracts do they get, and how well are they consulted, before awarding road contracts in this country.

Road accidents are on the rise, authorities need to take a look at how, contractors are awarded. The inspectorate division of the Ministry of Roads and Highways, in collaboration with Feeder and Urban Roads department, must ensure that, road contractors, regardless of who they are, do the right thing.

Innocent blood, have been shed long enough, politicians control every aspect of our lives, they now get to decide who lives or dies, by dishing our contracts for shoddy work to be done.

Roads in Ghana, hardly run their life-span, potholes begin to emerge less than a year after construction and nobody gets punished or surcharged, because they are party people.







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