Europe’s Top Diplomat Ashton Meets Deposed Egyptian President Morsy


The European Union’s top diplomat, Catherine Ashton, met with deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy for two hours Monday — the first high-level official aside from the Egyptian military to meet with Morsy since the military whisked him away to an undisclosed location last month.

Ashton has sharply criticized Morsy’s forcible removal from power by the Egyptian military on July 3, and has called for Islamists to be included in the political process.

Her spokeswoman confirmed the meeting in a tweet, but did not offer details.

“We didn’t talk to the EU foreign policy chief Ms. Catherine Ashton after she met President Morsy but we made it clear to her that we will keep protesting for our civil rights until the legitimate president is released,” said Essam Elerian, the vice chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party.

“And as we said it before, restoring the democratic legitimacy of our elected president is non negotiable.”
Morsy was the vice president of the party before his election as Egypt’s president.

Protesters demanding Morsy’s return to power have taken to the streets since he was deposed, saying they won’t leave until Morsy is restored as president.

They have also expressed concern because the army refuses to disclose where Morsy’s being held.

“I wish Ms. Ashton took some of President Morsy’s family members with her to meet him because that should have been a priority,” Elerian said.

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