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Indeed, it is true that we don’t have permanent friends in politics, but permanent interest. A man who will at one time sing your praises, will be the same man to ask for your crucifixion, at another time.

Politicians are the most betrayed people in this world, the resources they control when they are in power, attract so many friends, but when the chips are down, people begin to show them their real colors.

Speaking to an elder statesman some years back, he told how lonely it gets when you are at the top. So as a Head of State, people who want favours, will come to you with all sort of stories.

Mostly those stories are far from the truth, but because as human as we are, when we get into positions of authourity or our circumstances change, we change our friends, we lose those friends that tell us the truth.

Dele Momodu, owner of Ovation magazine, is a consummate politician, he understands the rhythm, because he once put himself up for presidential election in Nigeria, his home country.

In the game of politics, you can’t get to enjoy the trappings of power playing from behind. The queue in fact is even too long and since, we do not control our lives, why not jump the queue, when the opportunity presents itself.

I have always maintained that, most politicians in Ghana, are in politics by accident or circumstances of their birth. The magic of winning elections in Ghana, as in everywhere is simple, do what the people want and you will always have their vote. Ghanaians are a very appreciative people, they don’t spit and pick it, they reward, because by nature we are sympathetic.

In the run up to the 2016 elections, we experience a preponderance of   political neophytes taking command of the space. The likes of Akua Donkor, Hassan Ayariga, ODK, etc, all becoming instant stars, because they are attacking one candidate. They had platforms and became rich in the process.

The Nigerians sat back and knowing them for identifying opportunities, saw a country full of gold and voila they took advantage of it.

Dele Momodu first made a stop, realized the juice and the honey that was dripping from the tower of seat of government and so he decided to bring in his compatriot, Nkem Owoh, known locally as Osuofia, the Nollywoood actor.

Osofia, was made to tell the Ghanaian story, we used him for a commercial, not to attract tourists, but to persuade Ghanaians to vote for President John Dramani Mahama.

Is it because he is a lucid actor, or because he is jovial, or he is handsome or what. We have so many celebrities in Ghana, who have constituencies, friends and family members, who could vote for a political party, because their son, daughter, friend, colleague, or school mate, has endorsed that party.

Last week, a story trended, I must at this juncture issue a caveat, as I did not listen to the interview that Dele Momodu, was quoted in the widely circulated story. Also some of the headlines in this country are often misleading, they are to save mischief purposes and so my observation is based on the stories I read.

Just like Jesus Christ, who was betrayed by a trusted disciple, Dele Momodu has equally betrayed ex-president John Dramani Mahama.

Dele Momo  du, was quoted as saying, Ghanaians are blessed to have Nana Addo Dankwa as president.

In October 2016, Ovation magazine, made a special pull out on the works and achievements of President John Dramani Mahama. Dele Momodu, went on to say Ghanaians were not praising President Mahama enough, saying the president has done a great job for Ghana.

He told Citi FM that “I think president Mahama, has done well and as a lifestyle magazine, ours is to cover the beauty of Ghana. It is a news magazine that you can accuse of being biased.”

The New Patriotic Party at that time did not take kindly to his endorsement of President Mahama.

The Daily Statesman on Monday, November 7, 2016, carried a story captioned “Dele Momodu’s Dirty Plot Against Akufo-Addo Exposed”.

The Nigerian business man was accused in that story of trying to orchestrate attacks on the presidential candidate of the new patriotic party, Nana Addo Dankwa by using some hired Nigerians students in the country.

Speaking last Wednesday on Star Chat, Chief Momodu, said despite openly declaring his support for Mahama in the 2016 election, he knew deep down that retaining power will be a herculean task.

Enumerating what he thinks were Mahama’s shortcomings during the electioneering, Chief Momodu said, “He was too busy concentrating on his project. That was one problem. The second one was that Mahama, could not really be bothered about what people said about him. That’s why he used to say ‘I’m a dead goat’, he couldn’t be bothered. He was not afraid”.

As a good friend of President Mahama, what advise did Dele Momodu offer, when he knew deep down that, he was going to lose the election.

We have a saying in our local parlance that, when your car is stuck in the mud, even women will teach you how to drive.

We are now seeing and hearing from people, who were soothsayers and surrounded themselves with the former president.

It is convenient for Dele Momodu, to say today that, Ghanaians are blessed to have Nana Akufo-Addo as their president, I don’t know when he woke up to the realization that, Nana Addo, was a good candidate, at the time, he was solidly behind president Mahama.

Dele Momodu, is a fair weather friend no one can rely upon, not even the people his is attempting to warm himself to, can guarantee what he will say about them, when they leave power.

A good friend is the one, who tells his friend the truth, no matter how bitter it is. Dele Momodu, has let his friend and the least he could do assuage his pains, is to keep quiet.





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