Esther Cobbah Urges Business Owners To Innovate


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Stratcomm Africa, Ms. Esther A. N. Cobbah, has urged Ghanaian business owners to innovate if they want their businesses to survive the global competition.

“There is the need for businesses to innovate new products and services in order to survive. Innovation promotes increasing productivity in an intensely competitive global context. Businesses that are innovative are constantly transforming and able to reach a new level of effectiveness”, she said.

Ms. Cobbah, gave the advice at the Annual Applied Research Conference organized by the Koforidua Polytechnic under the theme, “Applied Research for innovative and Strategic Solutions to National problems”.

The conference was aimed at providing a platform for the discussion of findings from academia and industry to build effective collaboration among academia, industry, and other research institutions. It was also to provide an avenue for business owners to exhibit their products and services as well as create investment opportunities.

Speaking on the topic, “application of innovation in transforming businesses”, the CEO of Stratcomm Africa emphasized that innovation is critical for human development and is fueled by human aspirations. “People must always aspire to come up with new ideas that will enhance and improve livelihoods”, she stated
“Our aspirations for our country should make us innovate and be entrepreneurial in new ways, taking advantage of resources around us”, she stressed.

The CEO of Stratcomm Africa, noted that Innovation that destroys the environment, which does not transform for good, is not part of the creative task of human beings”. The introduction of the Ghana Garden and Flower Show was discussed as an innovative idea that is designed to help create jobs, generate income and conserve the environment.

Ms. Cobbah, indicated that Stratcomm Africa facilitates the generation and marketing of innovative ideas, products and services.

Other speakers at the conference included Professor Smile Dzisi, Rector of Koforidua Polytechnic, Jerry Otchi, Corporate Affairs Manager Ash Cell, Samuel Tobin, CEO of Tobinco Pharmaceuticals, and Prof. Emmanuel Y. H. Bobobee of KNUST.

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