Establishing A National Pandemic Fund; A Call In The Right Direction


The Managing Director of the Stanbic Bank, Alhassan Andani, has proposed for the establishment of the National Pandemic Fund, in response to emergency and deadly disease outbreaks in the country.

Funding is very important, if we are to avert any calamity that may befall us in the near future. Because of lack of funds, we are often caught off guard, when there are any epidemic outbreaks.

Innocent lives are lost in the process, whiles we look for funds to combat the outbreak. Even cholera, which has become so common during rainy seasons, is difficult to control, because of the non availability of funds.

Last year, a deadly virus plagued the world, killing hundreds of people. The Ebola Virus was a test case of what could befall us and threaten our survival, if we do not start acting now.

This year a new virus, the Zika Virus, although is far away from home, is also taking the lives of many people, through transfer from mother to child.

But HIV has been with us all these years and the Ghana Aids Commission have run out of funds because of its partners have halt funds for it educational activities.

If there exists any such fund it would have been easy for the Commission to fall on it for its activities.

All these viruses and many more are the reasons, why we at The Herald thinks, the call by Alhassan Andani for the establishment of a National
Pandemic Fund, is timely and important.

We are as a developing nation, with so many competing needs for the limited resources, but when we plan in advance, we can be able to fight any outbreak, no matter the scale rather than waiting for donor funds.

His call was directed at the private sector, which has a lot to contribute to national development.

For years, we are still struggling to control HIV/AIDS pandemic that is no longer a one country problem. Accidents happen and our response has
always been slow, because of the unavailability of funds.

We can no longer wait until things spiral out of control, before we start wailing and running around for help. This is a good opportunity to rally and solicit for funds from the private sector, as suggested by Alhassan Andani, to donate to a worthy course.

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