Enough Is Enough, NDC Chairman Schools Dominic Azimbe.


As tempers are sky-rocking uncontrollably beyond the able reach of the imported Nana Addo –Bawumia’s medical drones in the Garu constituency of the NDC, over a bullet-like penetrating rumor regarding the alleged intent of the former Member of Parliament for area going solo in election 2020, a worried constituency chairman of the National Democratic Congress [NDC], in a hot-roaring tone, replied that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

According to Mr Thomas Marty Laari, constituency executives’ offered a leveled playing field to all contenders and wondered what would push the seasoned politician to choice the path of “destruction”.

“As far as we are concern, every candidate had a levelled playing field throughout the campaign season. In 2015, a lot went wrong and the party nearly dissect into pieces. So we have learned a very big lesson from that. So this year’s parliamentary primaries was a litmus test for us, we were guided by wise and seasoned party elders like Pastor Luke Abugri and others. We, as executives stayed neutral throughout the campaign period, and all contenders were happy with our stance”.

Mr Laari, who appeared unhappy following the wide and fast spreading rumor told  THE HERALD that if the rumor had any iota of truth, then Mr Azimbe, has ills intensions and as such should not be allowed to destroy the NDC.

Men and women posturing as agents of  Dominic Azimbe are allegedly moving from one spot to another, soliciting views of voters over a possible intension of the former MP.

Mr Laari, was quick to add that, although he and his executives are still treating the rumor with the contempt it deserve, the party structures, will expel Azimbe, should he go ahead to contest as an independent candidate.


He express as sad, the refusal of the Dominic Azumah, to congratulate the sitting MP, Mr Alalzuuga Albert after the 2015 parliamentary primary and his eventual boycott of party activities prior to the 2016 polls.

” It is sad to say that after the 2015 primaries, MrAzimbe boycotted party activities and refused to congratulate the then winner till date.”


Mr Laari, called on Ghanaians to reject the New Patriotic Party (NPP) come 2020. According to him, the NPP, came to power through deceit and bare lies.

“What we are witnessing today is family and friends government. Hardship, insecurity and total shambolic administration. Nana Addo deserve a red card”.

He noted that the few one-village, one-dam in his area, are dugouts that cannot stand the test of time. According to him, innocent lives are lost to this dugouts across the region and beyond.

A teacher by profession, Mr Laari, described the free Senior High School as a collapse of the educational sector. “It is in fact a complete mess, my brother I am a teacher and I know what am talking about”.

Mr laari, hinted that he would relocate outside the country, should Akufo- Addo, be retained come 2020.

“I cannot bear this hardship any longer, if Nana Addo wins, I will relocate” he said to the echoing of his constituency secretary, Mr James Akasire.


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