Energy Ministry Hints Of Plans To Fix Accra Streetlights


By Mckyntosh Essuman Aidoo

The Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, has disclosed that it has set up a team to execute the Accra street light fitting project intended to fix all malfunctioning streetlights in the capital.

According to a Deputy Minister of Energy and Petroleum, John Jinapor, the project will not only beautify Accra and its environs, but will aid security personnel in pursuing criminals, thereby curbing nocturnal activities of criminals.

Many roads in the capital, notably the Accra-Tema Motorway, the N1 Highway, as well as the Tetteh Quarshie-Madina Higway are without streetlights, risking safety of motorists and other road users who ply these routes in the night.

The Deputy Minister further disclosed that the darkness on these roads have blurred, a once vibrant nightlife in the capital, adding that the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum is poised to revive that by injecting some power into “dead streetlights”.

He further drew attention to the fact that Ghana as a gateway to West Africa needs to improve its lighting system, especially in the capital to also excite investors who fly into the country at night.

Mr Jinapor, touched on government’s removal of subsidies on kerosene, explaining that it was prudent for government to redirect the subsidy on kerosene to solar lamps, noting that the latter will serve the needs of Ghanaians better.

It is worthy of note that the solar lamps being distributed by government can be used to charge mobile phones, an incentive for the country’s increasing mobile phone users.

He added that “apart from not generating smoke to cause health problems, the solar lamps are brighter than kerosene lamps”, adding “government has so far distributed 20,000 of the intended 500,000 to communities across the country”.

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