Energy Commission Dissolves Premix Committees In Central Region


The Energy Commission Board has dissolved the premix committees at the various beaches in Central Region due to mismanagement of the product.

According to the commission, most of these committees at the region’s beaches have failed to render their account over 8 months in contradiction to the rules which require the provision of account every 6 months.

Speaking to Citi News a member of the board of the energy commission Allotey Jacob said the decision will ensure the prudent use of the premix fund for the necessary development in the area.

“…It is expedient for one person to die, than for the whole nation to perish.It has been dissolved and they can go to hell…the interest of the communities is more important than the individuals…” he stated.

Premix Fuel shortage

Premix fuel has been in short supply for sometime now but it is unclear whether the new directive will address the challenge.

Some fishermen in Tema Fishing Harbour, in September, 2011 asked government to increase the premix fuel it allocates them weekly.

They said their appeal had become necessary following the influx of some fishermen from other fishing communities in the area.

The Chief Fisherman, Nii Odamettey, told Citi Business News the four times a week allocation must be increased to seven or eight.

“We are pleading with government to increase our allocation because we cannot say we are going to serve only the people of Tema, we have over 500 canoes and other fisher – folks come to Tema and when they need the premix we must give them.”

Though government has not taken any step to supply more premix fuel, the Energy Commission believes the new directive will ensure that premix fuel does not run out of supply.

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