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Jesus Christ had resurrected with an appearance to more than 40 different people. He has to specifically prove to Thomas that indeed he is the resurrected Messiah. After comforting his disciples and assuring them of his everlasting presence with them, he gave them a final instruction before he finally departed the earth. The instruction is found at Matthew 28:19, 20 which states (19 therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”)

This scripture is the beginning of Christian proselytizing in the world. The injunction of Jesus to his disciples to go out there and preach to all nations is very sacred to every Christian. All serious Christian organization has adopted several ingenious ways to spread the message of Christ. Some have adopted the direct approach by visiting the homes of strangers directly in order to spread the message. Some have also adopted modern means of communication to propagate their message. Some of the means adopted includes Radio telecast, T.V evangelism, Postal, newsletters, community crusades and other mediums all in the quest of winning more souls for our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is instructive to note that all the different ways adopted by Christians to spread the message is accepted by Christ. None is superior to the other. Jesus injunction at Mathew 28: 19, 20 did not prescribe any medium for spreading the message. Jesus only told his followers to go out and make disciples and teach them his ways. Whether by direct visitation to the homes of people or through modern means of communication, the value and objective must remain the safe of winning souls for our Lord Jesus Christ!

I have watched different T.V channels that propagate Christian teaching and I have no doubt been impressed. One Christian television channel that has stood out and has been acknowledged worldwide is Emmanuel.TV, a television channel belonging to the Synagogue Church of All Nations. In Ghana, the decoders of Multi T.V and Strong channels sell pretty fast because of access to Emmanuel TV. Emmanuel T.V has been acknowledged in countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uganda, Angola, Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique, Liberia and Sierra Leone as attractive wide viewership than any religious channel that exists in those countries. This is a fact that every research will acknowledge.

Now the question is, why does Emmanuel T.V attract such wide listenership? What has been the experience of people that watch Emmanuel T.V? I will give you some few examples

I am a 53 year old lady. I attained menopause more than 2 yrs back and thought all was well until I had a sudden resumption of my ‘menstrual periods’ in April this year. The bleeding was heavy. I became miserable, depressed, and confused. Doctors diagnosed multiple fibroids following a scan in June and put me on some medication. The bleeding just became worse the following month. I stopped the medication out of frustration and resorted to praying with Emmanuel tv. I was praying for anointing water or a sticker with faith I knew the anointing would solve my problem. By God’s grace, an unexpected visitor in transit to a neighboring country just happened to have the anointing water. We prayed together and administered the anointing water. It was August 2012 and I have not seen any bleeding ever since. I’m yet to do another scan to find out what happened to the fibroids but I know they are no longer there because I feel very light and my stomach has gone down. This is only one out of the many testimonies .A lot more has happened since that day in August. I always thank God for using his servant Prophet TB Joshua to locate me. My life will never be the same again!

I have been afflicted with so many Illnesses for more than 25 years I was booked for an operation due to multiple fibroids and ovarian cyst in the year 2009, i refused instead, I cussed anointed Water which I begged from a boy who had. Three days later, the fibroids were crushed together with the cyst. The Emmanuel tv crew continued to pray for me on Phone.I saw some men of God in my dreams. The first One was Daniel, and my back each Healed forever, the second, third and fourth, Prophet himself touched me in dream. Swelling, partial headache, numb in my legs Dizziness, black outs and my nails that had turned into black now are getting back to normal, even The heat in my legs and body has reduced because everything was Severe. Thanks to Emmanuel TV.

Lyubov Parkhotyuk
Lyubov Parkhotyuk is the mother of 7 children. Wife of an awesome pastor. More than a month ago, she discovered heavy bleeding, that continued for 30 days. Working as a nurse, she went to great doctors, who gave her medicine, but it didn’t change her situation. She consulted some of her trusted doctor friends from oversees, who sent her medicine, but even that brought no improvement.
On Saturday Night, 5th of November, she prayed with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. After prayer, her bleeding immediately stopped. It’s been more than a week, and her husband and she both testify to the miracle working power of Jesus, that set her free of the bleeding.

These are a few of the thousands of testimonies that are given every day from people that watch Emmanuel T.V. If I will list all the testimonies of viewers of Emmanuel T.V, this page cannot contain it. Emmanuel T.V seems to offer hope to people without hope and break barriers for people who need deliverance and miracles in their life. This is not doing PR work for the SCOAN but stating the truth.

I will urge all readers to experience the gift of God himself by watching Emmanuel T.V and praying along with Prophet T.B Joshua so that they can experience the amazing things being done by God through that T.V channel. It does not matter your religious creed, beliefs and social standing. God is working wonders through Emmanuel T.V and I will urge all believers to avail themselves to that channel and they will be giving their testimonies soon.

NB// I remain a member of the International Central Gospel Church, Royal Temple in Kumasi and hence not a member of the SCOAN. This is to dispel the notion that I am doing PR work for the SCOAN. I give testimony to whatever God is doing in my life and it doesn’t really matter which medium God is using, I acknowledge it. I acknowledge Prophet T.B Joshua is a true man of God, I also acknowledge Emmanuel T.V as a medium and channel God is using to bless his people on earth.


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