Eminem; First Rapper To Headline Wembley


Eminem has told Zane Lowe he will be performing at Wembley Stadium in his first London gig since 2001.

He confirmed news of the gig, which will take place on 11 July, in an interview with the BBC Radio 1 DJ.

“I know Wembley Stadium is huge,” said Eminem, adding that the plan originally had been to play Hyde Park.

He also responded to speculation that he had trouble securing the outdoor venue by posting a picture on Instagram reading, “Never mind Hyde Park”.

Reports had been circulating that park bosses were worried about the controversial musician playing a gig there and were unwilling to give permission.

Eminem spoke to Lowe about his new sets, which feature a live band and give a “whole different energy” to his shows.

“It’s louder, it’s more in your face, it’s explosive. For me music is about feeling and energy and that definitely adds a whole new element to that,” he added.

Eminem said he still has no plans to go on the road at the moment, preferring to play one-off gigs instead.

“As far as an actual tour, where it’s two, three weeks at a time, a month at a time, I’m not saying I’ll never be ready for that again.
“I’m just saying right now this is what’s working for me. I’m having fun doing it,” he explained.

The 41-year-old, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, also told Lowe about his upcoming plans and direction for the future.

“Total Slaughter is basically a show that we’re doing with the guys from Slaughterhouse and Shady Films. It’s all the underground battle rappers,” he said.

“We’re trying to take the best right now and put them up against each other. I’m a huge fan of that. It’s the scene where I come from.”
He added: “There’s a main event battle 11 July actually in New York, the same day as the [London] show.”

The rapper also confirmed he was working on new albums for Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf.

Last year he spoke with Lowe about his addiction problems.
“I certainly could have taken another path,” said Eminem.

He spent time in hospital in 2005 being treated for an addiction to sleeping pills but said he was better now and able to connect with audiences again.

“I know that there are so many addicts in this world and people who have problems like that that don’t make it,” he said.

Source: BBC

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