What Did Emile Short Do About Esseku’s Kickback Tape?


Fake: to conceal the defects of or make more attractive, interesting, valuable, etc., usually in order to deceive: for those who have forgotten, rewind to when John Agyekum Kufuor, was the President and Justice Emile Short was the Commissioner of the Commission for Human Right and Justice (CHRAJ).

I could be wrong, but can Emile Short tell me how many allegations of corruption he investigated, when he was the Commissioner of CHRAJ?

Since the news of Victoria Hammah’s tape broke out, a lot of people have made it their business to be commenting on it with so many conspiracy theories. I will forgive somebody like Sir John, the General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), who despite his status and pedigree has remained a pig.

It is said that bath a pig, cloth a pig, it will still remain a pig, that is what the rustic and Sir of Junk, has risen to, but for Emile Short, my God, is that the best way to come out of obscurity?

As a former Commissioner, how many wild goose chases, did he embark upon? Because, if you ask me, the tape is much ado about nothing.

What exactly did the young lady say on that tape that deserves the attention and resources of the nation? The former Commissioner is asking for further investigation into the leaked audio recording of Victoria Hammah.

I am wondering which portion of the tape that should be investigated, is it the part about the alleged meeting of Nana Oye Lithur with the Supreme Court Justices or the one million dollars that she said she needed to quit politics.

The politicians can do their politics, but for a distinguished public servant like Emile Short to als wade into a rather innocuous comments by an overzealous young lady, is one thing I cannot forgive.

Emile Short was the Commissioner, when the tape of Harruna Esseku, a former Chairman of the NPP, about the alleged corrupt practices that was going on at the seat of Government, that came to be known as “kickback’.

Did he investigate it or as usual or per the law, he was waiting for somebody to officially file a complaint for CHRAG to investigate.

Was Emile Short in this country, when Sammi Awuku, a former Deputy Communications Director of the NPP said that they had eight Supreme Court Judges hearing the petition on their side? Somebody could argue that they lost the case, so what the heck, but the very admission or claim that eight of the Justices were on their side, is serious enough to agitate the minds of any bystanders. He was very emphatic, what Victoria said is she heard, that is not a statement of fact.

Was Emile Short, who I respect so much in this country, when Kennedy Agyepong incited Akans against Gas and Ewes? The list is endless; he was silent all this while, enjoying his retirement from sacrificing most of his life for this country. I will have preferred it stays that way.

Back to Victoria tape, it was yesterday that I made time to listen to the tape, what I got was that she was having a conversation, with a woman I could describe as a stark illiterate or to borrow the word of late Speaker of Parliament, Peter Ala Adjetey, was an ignoramus. So why must we even waste our time debating this when a lot of our people struggle to get two square meals a day, school children still study under trees in the 21st Century, when our sisters, wives and mothers are dying because of lack of medical facilities and personnel. Posterity expect better from us.

If Victoria Hammah was Emile Short’s daughter, won’t he be disappointed in her that all she wants is to make one million dollars and quit politics. One million dollars is a chicken change, if a politician really wants to pilfer our money. If Emile Short really did his work well as a Commissioner, am sure he received allegations of corruption or misappropriation of funds running into millions of dollars even in his office.

Does Emile Short, really believe our Supreme Court Justices, who are the custodians of the Judiciary, can be corrupted? If yes, then what did he do about it when he had the opportunity as a Commissioner of CHRAJ.

I am beginning to wonder, if we have men of principles in this country, this selective amnesia that most people suffer, is very worrying. What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander. Let condemn what is wrong at all times, regardless of who says it and what political party that person belongs to.

Victoria’s conversation is a conversation gone bad, if she knew, she was being recorded, she would have been circumspect in the things she said, most of which are not true, but only throwing her weight about and claiming to know things she knows next to nothing about.

We all do it, so we should be careful about the condemnation. Today, it is her head on the chopping board as we say in Ghana; let it not be you or me tomorrow.

How can an experienced and a resourceful person like Emile Short, also waste his time commenting on things a lady of her daughter’s age might have said.

Emile Short has been my role model, an icon I used to admire very much growing up as a boy, I still hold him in high esteem, I will plead with him to please retire in peace and stay away from the obvious political chess going on between the NPP and the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Both parties have been victims and culprits of tape recordings.

These two political parties have reduced our politics to personality contests, blame game and bickering. The country needs Statesmen like, Emile Short to stay above reproach. Their voices must be seen to unite the nation instead of taking sides.

The young lady was recorded for 90 days, I don’t think anybody in government or anywhere close to government will not be caught off guard, within the 90 days, one is bound to make statement that will only be meant for a particular ear.

There is nothing explosive about what she said. This country will not explode because of what she said.

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