Embarrassing Bedroom Moments To Avoid


The mood is set, everything is in place, just then you ruin the moment and the night must come to an end. Dear ladies, Please try and avoid these moments before or during sex as much as possible.

1. You and your big mouth.
This is when you say something you shouldn’t. Please try and have a clear mind before you start anything. If you are thinking of anything else other than him, stop and relax.

2. Hair malfunctions.
It can be kind of embarrassing if your hair extensions or even braids come off. Just give him a heads up that touching your hair is a no go area.

3. falling asleep
Juggling your career and personal life can be challenging. Admitting you are tired is way better than falling asleep in the process.

4. Red flag
This is when the lady’s monthly visitor arrives. Menstruation is part of womanhood, when this happens, just apologize and go to the bathroom to clean up. If he doesn’t understand, he isn’t worth it.

5. Unexpected Gas
We can always control them but we can try and avoid them. Just watch what you eat before you enter the sheets. Avoid oily, fatty or spicy food for at least six hours before your date. Your stomach will thank you for it.

6. You get overly emotional
Intimacy is emotional and sometimes our emotions can catch us off guard. He will want to know what’s wrong, but you may not have an answer he’ll like. Don’t feel pressured to continue. It’s okay to excuse yourself and take the time you need to pull it together.

7. Bad kissing breath
Watch what you eat. A mint gum will do but its no match for garlic.

8. You don’t want to share a bed
Let him know way before hand that you do not like sharing your bed after the action. It is not polite to talk about “Dos and Don’ts” when things are heated.

9. You forgot to shave
You are all dressed and looking ravishing but your legs and lady parts are just a turn off. Remember to shave at least two days before the big night.

10. The body shaper is still on
Men like real things, visit the bathroom and take off the body shapers before you come out and undress in front of him.

11. The phone rings
Unless it is an emergency, the phone can wait. Reply all calls and text messages before or after the fun.

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