Electoral Commission Must Allow The Media Into IPAC Meetings


This editorial is an appeal to the Electoral Commission (EC), to as a matter of priority going forward allow the media to sit in the Inter Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meetings.

We have observed over the years, the apparent lack of clarity on any decision taken at IPAC meetings. Stakeholders at the meeting always come out with different version of what took place at the meeting.

It is always like the situation of the elephant in the room, where the political parties sing from different hymn book, with the Electoral Commission, also from another.

A recent case in point is the 18-member Steering Committee the EC set up to play what it says is a key role ahead of the November election.
Examples abound in every major decision the commission takes; it is about time the commission takes a second look at how things are done, regarding
their dealings with political parties.

For whatever reasons, political parties after agreeing to and actually proposing reforms, will come out of the IPAC meetings to tell Ghanaians otherwise to court public anger for the commission.

On Tuesday the commission launched a five year strategic plan to make the EC one of the best c in the world.

Whatever reforms the EC proposes, if it does not include demystifying some of the things they do, we won’t get anywhere.

In the confusion it becomes very difficult who to believe, so what we all end up doing is to take the side of our political party.

The Independent Nigeria Electoral Commission (INEC) demystified most of its activities in the 2015 elections and that has won the commission many accolades, when it is our EC, which is the trailblazer, as far as electoral reforms are concern.

Yesterday, the commission begun a process to register those who have attained the age of 18, as well as those who for some reasons, have decided over the years not to register, the commission’s engagement with the media, have been abysmal to say the least.

Because the media have been kept in the dark in all its activities, the media is now leading the charge against the decision by the EC to change it logo, a noble exercise , if only they had engaged Ghanaians, was done in so much secrecy as if the EC is in competition with another institution.

To cure all the mischief surrounding the activities of the EC, the engagement with the media, should be strengthened and enhanced.

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