Elect People Who Will Stand The Pressures Of 2016 –Stephen Akwetey


By Cecil Mensah

The aspiring Regional chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Stephen Akwetey (aka BS), has reminded the rank and file of the party to elect executives that will stand the pressures of the 2016 elections and not personalities, who will wither after their elections.

He said all the people standing for the elections are known by the members and I am enthused by the commitment being exhibited by the members to serve the party.

Mr Stephen Akwetey, gave this advice to the delegates in an interview with The Herald after members of his campaign team, registered the Greater National Democratic Congress (NDC) Health and Education Fund last week.

He noted that going by the enthusiasm exhibited by supporters of the party, it will spell doom for the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2016.

He was quick to add that even though the 2016 looks very difficult for the party, the zeal shown by members in filing to serve the party at the Constituency elections, will propel the party to victory.

Having studied the ongoing developments in the party, winning elections is one thing, but being able to actualize the vision for which the party was voted for is the most difficult aspects of politics confronting the NDC.

What I have observed from hindsight is the disconnect between leadership and the grassroot and I am ready to bridge the gap, if the party gives me the nod to serve them, he said.

He explained that the disconnect in the party, tells him that there was a problem about the construction of the party with a social philosophy gives the indication that the party needs reinvigoration to capture power.

He said, he would make the grassroot members important in his administration and in the day to day management of crisis in the party.
He said if the party was not able to diagnose these problems of disillusionment in the party, then the party stands the risk of losing the 2016 elections.

He maintained that the NDC, has a track record of what the late Prof Evans Atta-Mills did and what President Mahama is doing, even though the functional executives have deserted their duties ,and only come on board, when the President is unduly attacked by elements in the NPP.

He said, the welfare of members would be germane to his administration if given the nod.

He noted that members of the party, have for the past twenty two years been contributing to the coffers of the party, but the party has not been able to account for the dues, it has collected from the members.

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