Education Minister Summons Ho VC, Others


The disputed Vice-Chancellor of the Ho Technical University, Prof Ben Q. Honyenuga, wasyesterday summoned the Minister of Education, Mathew OpokuPrempeh over the former’s appointment which has become a subject of controversy.

Prof Ben Q Honyenuga

Prof. Honyenuga, according to Herald sources, went into the meeting yesterday February 14, 2019 in the company Chairman of the University, Council,Professor Emmanuel J. Floluand theRegistrar; Dr. C.KAmehoefollowing this paper’s publication on Wednesday detailing some concerns over the VC’s qualifications.

The publication had indicatedthat Dr. OpokuPrempeh had caused the revocation of ProfHonyenuga’sappointment after the Minister became aware of a petition questioning his PhD.

Two lecturers of the school Dr. Richard S. Akplotsyi and Dr. Cephas Bosrotsi, had petitioned the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) saying the VC was not qualified for the position.

The appointment was going to wait until investigation into the authenticity of the PhD which he procured from the Open University of the Netherlands was confirmed authentic.

Details of the meeting are not fully out but this paper is reliably informed that prominent among the things that were discussed was the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor,which was announced by the University on January 18, 2019 after it Council met at it 29th Special Meeting, after a Search Committee set up concluded it work.

The announcement was made despite the ongoing investigation into the VC’s qualification. A report on the academic audit which was expected to be submitted to National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) is yet to be submitted.

The Herald is also informed that the meeting is also discussion the renaming of the university after the phase music icon Dr. Ephraim Amu. It was decided that the rename must be put on hold for now.

Meanwhile, the University has issued a rejoinder vehemently debunking claim that the appointment of it VC has beenrevoked. The institution is forcefully arguing that Prof Honyenuga is still at post contrary to media reports.

According to a press release by the Registrar, no notice of revocation of appointment has been served the school’s Governing Council or the schools management.

“We wish to state for the information of the University Community, alumni and the general public that neither Council nor the Management of Ho Technical University has been served notice of revocation of the appointment of a Vice-Chancellor for the University.”

The statement also indicated that two members of the faculty had petitioned the National Accreditation Board and the National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations for a probe into the authenticity of Honyenuga’s PhD, a matter the statement says has been resolved.

“The University has on record, a call for a probe into the authenticity of Professor Honyenuga’s doctorate degree from two faculty members of the University, Dr. Richard S. Akplotsyi and Dr. Cephas Bosrotsi, a matter the National Accreditation-Board, the responsible agency for authenticating qualifications, has dealt with and informed the University and the petitioners.”

“A letter dated December 13, 2018 to the University and signed by the Ag. Executive Secretary of the NAB, on the subject ‘Evaluation of Certificate, Ben QuarshieHonyenuga’, stated as follows: This is to certify that the Doctor of Philosophy awarded to Ben Honyenuga by Open University of The Netherlands, is comparable to a Doctorate (PhD), in the relevant subject area, awarded by a recognized tertiary institution in Ghana”.

In another letter to the petitioners, the NAB stated as follows: “We wish to inform you that the Open University of the Netherlands has been duly accredited in its home country and that, the certificate awarded to Mr. Ben Q. Honyenuga is authentic and comparable to doctoral degrees in the relevant subject area awarded by recognized tertiary institutions in Ghana. This qualifies Mr. Ben Q. Honyenuga to prefix his name with the title ‘Dr’.”

Describing the publication as a “falsehood”, Dr. Amehoe noted that such publications are the handiworks of “Institutional Non-Conformists” and rebels seeking to tarnish the image of the University. .

“It has therefore come to the University as a surprise that The HERALD Newspaper could publish such falsehood and to state that “it was as a result of the brouhaha surrounding Mr. Honyenuga’s PhD that has led to the Minister abrogating his (Mr. Honyenuga) appointment as the new VC pending investigation”.

“The University wishes to assure students, staff, alumni and the general public to disregard the publication in the HERALD newspaper which could best be described as the handiwork of persons who have for some time now prided themselves as institutional non-conformists and rebels, seeking to tarnish the hard won reputation of Ho Technical University”.



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