Edubiase Wants MP’s Cocaine Report Probed


…As They Reveal More Info

A group calling itself the Concern Youth of New Edubiase, is asking for a thorough investigation into the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) report, alleging one George K. Oduro, who might be the Member of Parliament (MP) New Edubiase in the Ashanti Region, is wanted by the Swiss authority for narcotic drugs trafficking since 2007.

The group urged the BNI, to do a thorough investigation on the matter further, because it believe there are more facts behind the issues raised in the BNI report that, the said George K. Oduro is an accomplish of Nelson Troy Edward, a Ghanaian arrested in Geneva on July 13, 2007, for possessing 3,014 grams of cocaine.

It also called on the National Security Secretariat, to take utmost interest in this matter to unravel the reality.

They explained that, they are taking keen interest in this matter to save the image of their Constituency, which has enjoyed respect and good image in Ghana, Asanteman and Adansiman, since its creation, adding “we therefore seek for finality to be brought in this matter in order to regain a dented image”.

The group in the statement also further urged, “The Parliament of Ghana not to discount the BNI report but to probe further into the circumstances leading to the arrest of Goodies. And to request the Court in Geneva to provide further details on the matter to save Parliament from international embarrassment and credibility crisis, having the Eric Amoateng case in mind”.

The statement sent to The Herald was signed by Stephen Owusu, Sakyi Kobbina Aidoo, Emmanuel Dogbevia and Beatrice Amaglo Chairman, Secretary, Organiser and Treasurer respectively.

Mr. George Boahene K. Oduro, in responding to the report on Joy FM in Accra, denied the allegations stating that he never dealt in cocaine neither has he travelled to Canada before in his entire life.

He also stated emphatically that he does not know, nor ever met the supposed accomplice called Troy Edward.

In the same interview, he also said his name was George Boahene Kofi Oduro and not George Kwame Oduro as the BNI report indicated. And wondered why the BNI, would write such report without hearing from him.

But the Concern Youth of New Edubiase insist that “it is an open secret within the New Edubiase constituency that our current Member of Parliament has something to do with the drug trade. Meet anybody who resides in the constituency and ask about the negative things he or she knows about our MP and the answers would be “he is a drug dealer” and “his show of wealth and opulence is unmatched” in the constituency”.

They insisted that “it is also known that many of the friends of our MP have gotten themselves involved and arrested for trading or carrying drugs including the said Nelson Troy Edward”.

They claimed that “there are wild speculations in New Edubiase specifically, that our MP was spotted many times with Nelson Troy Edwards at the construction site when our MP was awarded a contract to build the New Edubiase Market sometime in 2003/2004”.

They disclosed that “again, the popular Ghanaian Music Producer, Isaac Abeiku Aidoo, a.k.a. Goodies is a very close friend of our MP. Let us remind all and sundry that Goodies, as he is popularly called, was arrested on April 23, 2008 at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) for attempting to traffic cocaine to London and has since served a jailed term until his release in 2014”.

“In fact Goodies was arrested few days after he had met with our MP in Atobiase, a town in the New Edubiase Constituency after attending the final funeral rites of the late mother of our MP”, the statement revealed.

“The entire township have not forgotten the display of opulence and huge sums of funeral donations of the guests of our MP including Goodies who donated GHC2,000 in public, aside what is believed to have been given to our MP in private” the statement said.

“It is also known widely within the constituency that our MP was at some point in life a ‘connection man’ who also travelled widely across the world. He acquired passports and secured visas for several people to travel abroad and many families in the constituency are always grateful for that. Constituents therefore suspect he may be holding multiple passports of different countries”, the statement said.


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