EC’s Exhibition Fiasc Exposes Chairperson’s Rigging Agenda


NDC Secretary

National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Volta Region, has said the numerous flaws detected in the ongoing voter register exhibition exercise by the Electoral Commission (EC) has confirmed the NDC’s suspicions about plots to rig the 2020 general elections.

According to Volta Regional Secretary of the party, James Gunu, the exhibition exercise clearly exposed the EC’s attempts to rig the processes leading to the 2020 presidential and Parliamentary elections.

He accused the Chairperson of the EC, Ms Jean Mensah for converting the Commission into what he described as “shadow political party” and making herself the flagbearer.

Mr Gunu, stated these in an interview after touring some exhibition centers in the Ho Central, Agortime Ziope, Akatsi North,  Ketu North, Akatsi South and South Tongu Constituencies.

He noted that, the election processes are as important as the election results and if any of the process is compromised, the entire election can be thrown out of gear and any commission that rigs the process, is capable of rigging the election results.

The Regional Secretary, said the recruitment of temporary staff, limited voter registration exercise, the voters register exhibition and the EC’s inability to release copies of the provisional voters register to political parties, are all clear evidence that, the Commission, has compromised the electoral process.

Challenges With Volta Exhibition

  1. There’s no Biometric Verification Device at any of the Polling Stations
  2. The 2019 Provisional Registers are combined with the 2016 Final Registers- labeled” December 2016 Final Register”
  3. It is observed that, almost all the newly registered people have been assigned the status of “FO” thus face only, indicating that their biometric details except the face had not been taken
  4. The pictures on the registers are not clear enough since it’s a photocopy
  5. The numbers on the multiple registers are so high. We need the registers as a party to analyze this because critical look at the details of some of them indicated that they only paired them using some common denominators like mother’s name or facial similarities instead of their biometric details.

Careful study would also indicate that some of them can be restored if encouraged to fill form of objection onto the multiple list. Example in 36 branches alone in Kpando Constituency, there are 539 people on the multiple list. A visit to only six stations in Ho Central gives a total of 96 people on the multiple lists.

  1. Along the border frontiers, most of the people have been placed on the Exception List for not being citizens or not ordinarily residents. Majority of them were also said to have registered with NHIS Cards in the past. They would need to re-registered in 2020 limited registration
  2. As a result of creation of ANLO as a new District, all the Polling station codes have changed. Keta and Anlo used to be one district with D01 as their codes. Now Keta maintained its code and Anlo has now been assigned D02, a code that was originally for Ketu South. Now Ketu South is D03.

The effect is that, people who transferred their votes this year have mistakenly being placed in different districts other than their original districts. For example someone in Ketu South has now been placed in Atokor, a town in Anlo district. A similar example was observed in South Dayi too. It cuts across all the Constituencies in the Volta Region.


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