EC’s Belligerent And The Threat To Our Democracy

The euphoria in 1992 that greeted the return to constitutional rule is at the risk of being short-lived, following worrisome and even disconcerting attitude of the current leadership of the Electoral Commission (EC).

Jane Mensah, and her deputies, especially the fouled-mouth, Dr. Bossman Asare, are the clear and present danger to our nascent democracy, if well-meaning Ghanaians, do not add their voice for the calls for transparency and fairness.

Ghanaians are gradually losing confidence in the way the EC is going about it things. The EC, disappointingly, for the first time is violating its own mandate as contained in Article 45 (a) and (e) of the 1992 Constitution and Regulation 2 Sub-regulation (2)(a) and (b) of the Public Elections (Registration of Voters) Regulations, 2016 (CI 91).

The EC, has announced that on June 7, it will begin a limited registration exercise in all its district offices and some selected electoral areas.

From all intent and purposes, this is a move to disenfranchise first time voters, as the best way to get an accurate and true register, is to open registration at all electoral areas.

Despite an application filed at the Supreme Court, by Umar Ayuba, seeking for an injunction to stop the Electoral Commission from going ahead with the limited voter registration exercise scheduled to begin next week.

The EC, is hell-bent on defying the court processes to go ahead with the online limited registration exercise.

The refusal of the Commission, to accept any proposal or suggestion from political parties, especially the ones in opposition, is setting the stage for legal battles in the days, weeks and months ahead.

When Dr. Afari Gyan, was the Chairman of the EC, he was always quick to tell political parties to go to court, if they disagree with any decision, the commission takes, until he found himself sitting in the witness box to answer questions in the election petition brought by some leading members of the NPP, after the 2012 elections.

We are of the opinion that, there is no reason for Jean Mensah to play demi-god, unfortunately that appears to be the situation.

The commission appears fixated to go ahead with the limited registration, despite the calls for them to open up the process.

In the considered opinion of this paper, the commission should use the limited registration, as an opportunity to build trust with the political parties.

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