ECG Workers Are Being Selfish


Ghanaians, for some inexplicable reasons, seem to agree with the decision of the government to privatize some aspect of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

We have allowed ideology and this to;derail the progress of the company, even when we know we were all dragging it to the ground.

Workers of the ECG are threatening a sit -down strike, should government go ahead with the intended privatization, Ghanaians on the other hand are in support of the government decision to cede some aspect of the company to a private company.

How did we get here, we got here because the same workers who are afraid, they could lose their jobs, have contributed significantly to the problems of ECG.

How will they explain to customers, who apply for a meter that cost GH¢80, but have to cough up over GH¢600, just for a meter.

How will they convince customers that, they will not be made to roam the whole of Accra, with their money looking for a vendor to buy credit?

You go to their offices with your complaints, and they rather see you as a bother. For every service, one applies for, he or she must pay more than the approved fee, else the person should forget it.

We are sick and tired of the unprofessional manner in which the workers treat customers.

Why is it that, in Ghana, when something must work, it must take the private person to make it so?

ECG, workers are being selfish in their concerns, they fear for their jobs and not for Ghanaians, who suffer everyday to deal with them.

It could also mean that, we have too many square pegs in round holes, who are being paid for no work done and are afraid any shake up could affect them.

Some of the workers, also own the ECG credit vending centres, as well as own the companies, involved in the supply and installation of prepaid meters, they are afraid that, by privatizing they will lose their businesses.

It is obvious that, the agitation of the workers is not because they want to do things right, but rather protecting their interest.

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