ECG; Which Debt Won’t Consumers Finish Paying?


Ever since Utility increases were announced in December last year, consumers all over the country, have been complaining of unfair deductions been made on their pre-paid purchases.

Anytime a consumer buys credit from any of the vendors across the country, some amount is deducted with the excuse of owing the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), these deductions, doesn’t seem to end, as after every purchase, an amount is always deducted.

The vendors are not in any informed position to provide meaningful and acceptable explanations to consumers, who are reeling under hard times, owing to increases in other essential commodities.

Everybody in the country is crying, the 57 percent increment is already too much for Ghanaians to bear and now the deductions of a debt owed that never gets paid up.

The Electricity Company of Ghana, has a lot of explanations to do, Ghanaians have accepted to pay the increment, but the extortion that is currently ongoing is not right.

The Public Utility and Regulatory Authourity (PURC), after months of consultation with all the stakeholders agreed on a percentage increase for both water and electricity, so it is completely unacceptable for ECG to be charging customers for any outstanding debt that nobody seem to understand.

What we know is that anytime consumers are migrated from the postpaid to prepaid platform, they would always have outstanding debt to pay for consuming electricity, but this latest debt being paid by consumers, does not add up.

ECG, have said that over 300,000 consumers have been compensated for ‘vanishing ECG credits’, unfortunately despite this kind gesture that many consumers are not aware of, deductions are still ongoing.

Consumers seem to be paying more than the approved increases by the PURC, and it is hurting peoples pockets.

The Ministry of Power, must take up this matter and ensure that ECG ceases forthwith with the deductions, as everything we do in Ghana is placed at the doorstep of the government.

It is courting unnecessary and unfavorable publicity for the government.

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