ECG Selling Services To West African Power Distributors


By Cecil Mensah

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) says, it has been engaged in consultancy services for electricity distributing companies in the West African sub-region.

Officials of the company, which has been adjudged the best electricity distributor in West Africa told journalists at a media briefing that, it has been involved in the training of some staff of power distributing companies in the sub -region at the company’s training school.

Mr George Yaw Marfo, an Engineer by profession and General Manager at ECG said, the centre has been offering consultancy services to the Liberian and Gambian power distributors, as well as offering training services to some of the major power generating companies in the country.

He noted that just last week, delegations from Gambia came for a six -month training in the installation metres at the school.

He explained that even though the centre was yet to get the needed accreditation from the National Accreditation Board (NAB), it has been involved in the training of students from the polytechnics, as well as the training of engineers from Volta Region Authority (VRA), the military engineers regiments among others.

They said that all newly recruited employees of ECG are also trained at the school for one year, before being introduced into the field to avoid them, making petty mistakes when on the field.

He said, the training school was the power house of the success the company has chalked in the delivery of power over the years.

He continued that the employees under going training, are made to sign a bond to work for ECG after successfully completing the training
programme in accordance with the code of ethics of the company.

Briefing the media personnel on the new measures taken by the company to ensure uninterrupted distribution of power and the fixing of tariffs, Mr Ebenezer Baiden, Acting Divisional Manager in -Charge of Regulatory and Governmental Affairs at ECG said, the company has signed an agreement with a Swedish company to generate over a thousand megawatts of power from the tidal waves at Ada estuary.

He said, this technology was one of the newest relatively cheaper means of generating power in the world.
He explained that ECG, has signed the documents and work would commence by December 2014 and be completed by 2016.

He said, the company has frowned on the generation of large scale of power by solar, because it can only provide power during the day and approximately five hours.

He noted it was not the best as compared to thermal generation, waste to power generation and bio-electricity.
He concluded that even though solar is not the best, ECG is still encouraging individuals to undertake the initiative under the Private Partnership to generate power and sell to ECG for distribution to customers.

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