ECG Must Learn From NPA


The National Petroleum Authourity (NPA) publishes on a daily basis, petroleum price indicators, which shows how much petroleum product, are sold on the market, they also projects an estimate, which is more like a forecast into the future.

From the standpoint of the government and officials of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), the current load shedding is a temporal one and that, they is no need for a load-shedding timetable.

ECG, must in the meantime and going forward, let Ghanaians know how much load they are shedding, and possibly give a regional breakdown, without necessarily coming out with a time table.

What that will do, although it cannot replace a comprehensive timetable is that, it will help industries and household plan.

It will be a difficult task to do, because the problems of power, Is difficult to predict, but if this is done, it will go a long way to alleviate the plight of consumers.

The NPA, has shown the way, they have demonstrated that, it is not difficult to help consumers plan towards the future. They have made it easy for everyone in the petroleum sector to forecast in the future, without spending so much.

ECG, since the beginning of load-shedding, has put consumers on the edge, they have no idea, when the light goes off, and when it comes back on.

We curse ECG, not because we do not appreciate the fact that, they cannot give what they do not have, we do that, because they are not only keeping us in the dark, as far as power is concerned, but information as well.

Communication, is a vital ingredient in the power equation, consumers must at every point in time, be told of the situation, so that they can support the ECG, in its quest to end the power crisis.

The Volta River Authourity (VRA), sometime last year, used to publish on daily basis in the Daily Graphic, the water level at the Akosombo Dam.

It was a useful information for consumers, who used to monitor and can relate to the problem, because they know the situation is out of the hands of
the workers at VRA.

ECG, must adopt some of these strategies, Ghanaians are very understanding, especially when a problem, has been well explained.

If it was possible for the NPA to publish price indicators, despite the deregulation, ECG, can equally do same, about how much load they are sharing
every day.

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