ECG Must Avoid ‘Dumsor’ On Sundays


We all use electricity for different and various purposes and most of us if not all Ghanaians, use electricity on Sundays.

Christians needs it to iron for church, workers, who prepare for the week on Sundays, need electricity to iron for the week.

With the current power crisis, people who hitherto, used to iron on a daily basis, when preparing for work, do it over the weekend, mostly on Sundays to cover what they will be wearing for work the following week.

Most Ghanaians are Christians, who want to appear in church well dressed for the occasion, Church Service is not like going to work when one is compelled or without any choice because of dumsor, can wear ‘T-shirt or Lacoste, they have to appear before God properly dressed.

It is for these and many reasons that; we are appealing to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), to at least try to make power available to homes and communities on Sundays.

It is possible, because they know how much power they have at every particular point in time, and if properly distributed, they can all have power on Sundays.

Aside the uses we have enumerated above, most families prepare weekly food, such as soups and stews on Sundays and put in the deep freezer to be consumed in the course of the week, they will need electricity in order to be able to do that conveniently, without so much stress.

There are a lot of reasons why electricity is essential on Sundays, we can only plead with the ECG to try and help minimize the inconveniences Ghanaians are going through.

Most factories, companies, even shops do not work on Sundays, those who do, open late and close late, so ECG, should be able to find a way to make this request possible.

After a week of stress, all one can look forward to be a weekend of uninterrupted power to rest and prepare for the ensuing week, but the reality hits you, when you wake up on Sundays and the light is off.

Ghanaians have accepted that, we are in crisis, but they are pleading with anybody at the ECG or power ministry, who care to listen to pleas ensure that, we are spared darkness or ’ dumsor’ on Sundays.

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