ECG Contractors Selling Prepaid Meters Meant For Approved Consumers

The decision to privatize the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), should not be delayed any further, as what consumers have seen over the years, is a marked deterioration in supply and services.

Bribery and corruption, are defining words for the application and acquisition of prepaid meters. The power distributor, decided to hand over the fixing of prepaid meters to private contractors, who are making a fortune out of unsuspecting consumers desperate to acquire their own meters.

Getting a prepaid meter, after payment and going through all the process, is one of the most nauseating experiences one can have with ECG.

When meters are released to the contractors, assigned to prospective applicants, the contractors also sell the meters to the highest bidder.

ECG, has demonstrated it readiness to be privatized, the moment the fixing of prepaid meters, was given to contractors, so why are the workers kicking against the intended sale?

In Ghana, it is becoming nearly impossible to acquire anything going through the right channel; you will wait forever, if you want to be a law-abiding citizen.

After applying for a meter, you will wait forever, whiles these contractors use less than two weeks to supply meters to people, who are ready to pay more.

Consumers in this country, have also never mobilized themselves for anything affecting them, the only time Ghanaians are ready to pour out onto the street, is when they are doing so from political persuasion.

If ECG workers, who are well remunerated are not ready to install meters and had to be given to contractors, who intend divert the meters, why not privatize the company, after all what they are currently engaged in, is privatizing an aspect of their services.

Sometimes, you will be called that you have been assigned a meter, but the meter never gets to you. Getting someone to listen to you, when you visit their offices, is another headache.

The minister of Energy, must look into the issue, consumers have been taken for granted for far too long.

Go to ECG today, they will tell you they are no meters, yet contractors are selling meters to those, who have accepted that, the only way to get anything done in this country is by paying more than the approved fee.

In our view, the problem with Ghanaian consumers in relation to their propensity to assert their rights when trampled upon is attitudinal in the sense that they think it is a waste of time fighting for what are their due.

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