ECG Blocks “Goro Boys” & Criminal Activities


…As MD Launches “One-Day-Service-Connection” Nationwide

By Alfred K. Dogbey

The deep rooted extortion and bribery by few unscrupulous employees of Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), who are denting the image of the company usually during power connection to customers, will soon be over.

This is because the management of the company, headed by Rev. William Hutton-Mensah, have inaugurated an initiative named, ‘One-Day-Service-Connection’, to be pursued by all ECG stations across the country to ensure instant connection of power to customers within a day.

Its implementation means that the usual stress experienced by Ghanaians, as a result of persistent postponement by ECG officials, who use the delay as a decoy for extortion and other corrupt practices.

The activities of intermediaries, popularly known as “Goro Boys” are also expected to cease henceforward.

ECG embarked on the ‘One-Day-Service-Connection’, based on a new benchmark of five working days, given by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) for the company, to connect electricity to customers’, thus beating the PURC benchmark by four days.

This achievement, Mr. Hutton-Mensah noted shows ECG’s commitment to exceed the expectations of its customers, regulators and stakeholders.

He announced that the initiative, which has been tried, tested and approved, has already taken off across over the country.

It was inaugurated at the Achimota District branch, Accra West Region, led by their General Manager, Seth Dekpor, described as very “hardworking” by his boss, Mr. Hutton-Mensah.

At the inaugural ceremony last Friday, the ECG boss acknowledged that “given the complex engineering network and the intricate technical operations required just to connect one single customer, the One-Day-Service-Connection innovation is a big achievement and a source of pride for the entire ECG”.

Addressing journalists and management staff of the company, the soft spoken ECG boss disclosed that “a major positive effect of this innovation is that it would eliminate customer apprehension and frustrations in getting electricity service connection”, adding “this will in turn lead to a reduction in illegal connections”.

Mr. Hutton-Mensah, conceded that though the electricity sector still faces some challenges, nonetheless, “this is an achievement worth celebrating”, stating “it is also a demonstration of our preparedness as a company to totally confront and surmount the most daunting challenges which are characteristic of the electricity distribution business”.

He appealed to “customers …to pay their bills fully and regularly to enable ECG raise the much needed revenue to invest in strategic capital projects, which will improve the distribution network for the benefit of customers. We trust that this innovation will ultimately give ECG a positive public image”.

Mr. Hutton-Mensah, praised the Achimota District – Accra West Region of the ECG, for its teamwork and innovative leadership, especially on the “One-Day-Service-Connection” initiative.

In a modest manner, the MD said, “The Bible says, honour must be given to whom honour is due. “Let me now single out the District Manager, Mr. Seth Dekpor and all the hard working employees of the Achimota District, and request everyone assembled here to help me congratulate them with a loud applause”.

According to the ECG boss, it was at the Achimota District that this proud innovation was conceived and piloted, revealing that “from the Achimota district, the One-Day-Service-Connection innovation is now being implemented throughout the company”.

“The district has, thereafter, been rewarded a brand new (4×4) Nissan Pick-Up by management “as a token of appreciation of their efforts and also to inspire other districts and individual employees”.

Commenting on the systems losses reduction, the MD said “we have made significant progress in this area over the past two years by reducing systems losses from 27 per cent to 22 per cent”.

This year for example, he said our target is to reduce system losses even further down to the PURC benchmark of21 per cent.

He said, the company has already initiated a number of interventions to achieve this target, and mentioned the initiatives as the distribution transformer, boundary metering projects and working with the Attorney General’s department to establish utility courts in the other regional capitals to assist in prosecuting cases of energy theft.

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