EC controversy bad for Ghana’s democracy – Former EC director


A former director of elections at the Electoral Commission (EC), Albert Arhin has said that the current dispute between the Electoral Commission’s (EC) management team will have a negative effect on the country’s growing democracy.

According to him, it will further dent the Commission’s credibility in the sight of the public.

“Before the 2016 elections, the image of the Commission according to some work by CDD and CODEO has gone down to about 37% but just before the election, it went above 60% so it is very disheartening to have this revelation coming. It is sad for our democracy and even the future of the commission if this is not nipped in the bud.”

Speaking on the Eyewitness News, Albert Arhin said the allegations raised by all aggrieved parties in the brouhaha must be looked into and the truth unravelled to restore public confidence in the commission.

“I’ll go for a call for a settling of the matter morally between the managers and we are also not to overlook the criminality of the whole debate so a bipartisan approach to this will help bring out the truth in the matter. If it is made just to rest like that, I don’t think the Commission can work like that.”

The EC has been caught in a web of complex controversies that started after some faceless staff of the Commission petitioned the president, Nana Akufo-Addo to impeach the Commissioner, Charlotte Osei, for awarding a GH¢3.9 million to a private company without duly consulting other members of the commission, among other allegations. Charlotte Osei in a comprehensive response to the allegations said they were unsubstantiated.

She accused the Deputy Commissioner in-charge of Operations at the EC, Amadu Sulley of among undertaking many illegal acts including diverting funds meant for the Commission and illegally transferring votes.

Mr. Arhin said there is the need for a quick resolution of the impasse between the Electoral Commissioner and her subordinates to enable the commission focus on preparations for major activities including the election of District Chief Executives in 2018.


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