Ebony wasn’t the outing type-Dep. Manager


By Gifty Arthur

Contrary to popular perception that dancehall queen Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng, was a fun-loving young lady who enjoyed jumping from one place to the other, a member of her management team has stated the opposite. 

Though, Allen Kofi Anti, admits the deceased artiste who went by the stage name, Ebony Reigns, was an enthusiastic singer, she did not like going out as she was always found at home.

Allen, who helped Bullet manage Ebony in the two years that she was signed unto their label, said sometimes they even had to practically drag her from the house for interviews.

The deputy manager, who was in the studios of Ghone television for “The Pundits” programme yesterday hosted by George Quaye, with his boss, Bullet said, their former artiste, was always found indoors reading, watching movies and snap chatting.

Regardless, he said, Ebony was someone who loved her job and was free-minded.

When asked if he felt something was after their artiste, he answered in the negative, adding if there was, then she hid it from them.

“She was very passionate about her job. I mean Ebony when it comes to recordings, shows, interviews and stuff like that, she was passionate about her job and working with her, I didn’t feel something was chasing her, maybe she had it but she kept it away from us. I didn’t feel it because she was a free minded person.

She likes to read, sleep, watch movies and snap chat… that was what she does. She doesn’t like going out, she doesn’t like going out at all. She wants to stay home sometimes; I remember I needed her for an interview you need to literally pull her from her house”, he said.


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