Ebola Virus Could Be A Sign Of The End –Prophet Declare


By Alfred K. Dogbey

A senior pastor, Rev. Ben New-Life Zotoo and Prophet Michael Gyamfi , all from the Faith Chapel, Assemblies of God at McCarthy Hill in Accra, have strong believe that, the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus which has thrown the whole world into state of fear, could be an indication of the end times.

The two men of God, have described the Ebola virus as “purely demonic” which has a spiritual link and, therefore, called on Christian to rise up and prayed against it.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Herald at the church’s office last Friday, Prophet Gyamfi, proclaimed that because the end time is imminent, “the devil is doing a lot of things in order to bring people into his kingdom”.

The calm looking Prophet Gyamfi, revealed that Satan would use poverty, strange sicknesses and other misfortunes which will force believers of God to run to him.

He said, Satan has his own pastors who do different kinds of miracles just to trap people. He prophesized that very soon, some immoral individuals will emerge and parade themselves as men of God, who have cure for the Ebola virus just to lure people with no faith in God.
On his part, Rev. Zotoo, said every sickness is an infirmity and in the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, for that reason even if Ebola is not demonic, he believed it is only Jesus who can heal the afflicted.

When asked whether the virus is not a punishment from God, Rev. Zotoo replied, “God can decide on what he will use to discipline his people”.

He narrated that in the past, when God used flood to destroy the world, he vowed that he would not use flood again and therefore, he believed sicknesses and other things could be part of the things God might want to use this time around.

The respected man of God said, when one studies the scriptures carefully, the nature of the Ebola sickness could be linked to a sign of the last days.

This, he explained should be a caution to the world that the coming of Jesus Christ is imminent, stressing “there is nothing that can stop it”.
Rev. Zotoo, called on colleague pastors all over the world to pray not only for Africa, which is the hardest hit by claiming many lives, but also for the world at large.

He urged that, pastors should take the prayers to the pulpit and preach against the virus and at the same time use the pulpit to educate and create awareness for followers to see through the dangers of the Ebola sickness.

Meanwhile, leaderships of the Faith Chapel, have provided hang gloves for ushers in the church for use during the course of their duties in the church, including handling of money.

In addition, the church has also made available sanitizers, which is given to members, particularly children during service.

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