DVLA Must Educate Its Stakeholders


In this part of the world, voters do not vote on issues, nobody buys tomorrow; all we want is the comfort of today.

Every government must know and accept this simple truth, if it ever wishes to continue to be in government. What we are proposing is not politics of convenience, but as we say, we live in a real world, not an ideal one.

Some commercial drivers in the country on Monday, June 1, embarked on a nationwide strike, a needless and senseless one, because the issues that necessitated that strike action were simply untenable.

Workers of ADB, also last week embarked on strike to press home their demand for the removal of the Managing Director, Stephen Kportsi and the dissolution of the Board. What don’t we strike over in Ghana?

Strike, has lost it essence in this country, it has become a past time for most workers, who do not care about productivity. What possible explanation can you give to someone, who has saved with you, the person wants to come and withdraw his or her money and he or she is told we are on strike.

Doctors go on strike, sick people die and no one takes the doctors on. In Ghana, we have all lost our sense of communalism and have become I-looking.

People no longer care what will happen to who, when they put down their tools.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authourity (DVLA), want to safeguard the lives of Ghanaians, it is the reason why some measures are introduced. Was it lack of broader consultation of all the various stakeholders that has led to this recent strike action or we just love to strike over everything and anything.

Commercial drivers in the country, will end up courting public sympathy because DVLA failed to even communicate to the commuting public what they intended doing. Sometimes it amazes us, how public officials fail to appreciate the environment they operate in.

Was enough public education done by way of adverts and commercials, if that has been done all this would have been averted.
The new traffic regulations been introduced by the DVLA, is a laudable idea, but the right things should have being done, to carry everybody along.

Already, we are hearing of threats of ‘we won’t vote for president Mahama and the NDC’, this is the usual threat government gets to backtrack on policies, but that has been over flogged now.

The DVLA, must begin to educate all the stakeholders, including members of the travelling public.

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