DVLA 2015 Number Plates Are Of Inferior Quality?


How many 2015 registered cars have you seen in town, and have you taken the time to observe the state of the number plates, less than four months since they were procured.

The inscriptions on the plate are fading and what we hear is that you risk being arrested, if you decide to cut a new one.

The number plates are not procured for free, it is paid for and it stands to reason that you should go there, five months after obtaining one and asking that it should be changed, you will have to pay for that.

Drivers Licences are renewed after every five years, to the best of our knowledge that has an expiry date, but does the number plate have one?

The Driver and Vehicle Licencing Authourity (DVLA), must take a look at the 2015 number plates, it is not too late to alert whoever has been contracted to print the
number plates that he or she is giving customers a raw deal.

Customers had to endure the delays in the issuances of licences because the IT Company engaged to supply the cards has not met its obligations.
If only activities at the DVLA could be streamlined to be efficient, it is a sleeping giant or a cash cow for the government and people of Ghana.

Who at the place inspects to see if the number plates supplied meet the requirements of the contract, before approval is given to be distributed or sold to prospective clients.

If it must be done, it must be done well, we do not need to engage in a debate, in a not too distance future about the need to hand over DVLA to a private investor, it only then customers will be assured of quality service.

When customers pay money for a service, they expect nothing but the best. It is not too late to change the number plates, if they have not signed twenty years contract with the contractor.

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