DUMSOR And Cedi Depreciating; Which Is Worse?

The two evils that Ghanaians dread so much, are in a competition of their lives. The rate at which the cedi is depreciating against other major currencies, especially the United States dollar, is the same as the deteriorating power supply.

Ghanaians are experiencing the worst nightmare of their lives, as nothing seems to be working in the country.

The level of insecurity is an alarming rate as Ghanaians do not feel safe, despite the many assurances that, everything is under control. Crime is now fashionable; people commit crime, including murder with reckless abundance, because they will get away with it.

The traffic situation is getting worse by the day, a journey that should take fifteen minutes, now takes more than one hour.

People are being laid off on a daily basis; this is despite the fact that, the government keeps telling us that, the fundamentals are strong.

The educational system is grinding to a halt; the free Senior High School (SHS) that has been introduced is not only draining the little that we have in our coffers, but it is a source of headache for headmasters and headmistresses, who have to now rely on the national for everything, including consumables.

As expected the president was in Parliament yesterday to present the State of the Nation Address (SONA) and he did not disappoint.

He was his usual best, painting a rosy picture of the economy, but conveniently president Akufo-Addo, chose not to talk about the cedi depreciation and the erratic power supply that has now become a common feature in the country.

In the view of this newspaper, these two factors determines the development paradigm of every nation, a healthy currency and stable power supply are very key, as far as how strong an economy can be.

The government, has decided not to even sneeze about the rate of depreciation, but whether they talk about it or not, it does not stop the currency from slumping.

Ghanaians, have had too much of the incompetence of the government, fixing what we will describe as the low hanging fruits and turn around to tell us all is well, is not sustainable and they will be expose, as we are seeing.








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