Drivers Need Proper Training -Association Of Driving Schools


By Cecil Mensah

The Ghana National Association of Driving Schools, the association guiding the sector, has indicated that Ghana would continue to record the harrowing figures in road carnages, if drivers are not given the requisite training.

The association, explained that if the training of drivers was not given the proper recognition both at the governmental level and at the societal level, the Legislative Instrument (LI) 2180 of the Road Traffic Regulation 2012, would be considered as offensive to the driving.

According to the President of the association, the LI, mandates all drivers to show proof of having gone through forty eight hours of training from a recognized driver training institution in the country.

In spite of all these, the association said, it wa still experiencing a situation where people, just walk to them asking that they be registered, because they know how to drive, therefore they should be given a Driver’s License.

The association noted that, Ghana has failed to give the needed foundation to drivers, hence the needless carnages on the road.

“We are afraid as a country will continue witnessing such horrors seen on the Kintampo road and other places in the country if training is not factored,” the association said.

The association added that, these failed actions continue to cost the nation several millions of Ghana Cedis, in terms of medical supplies and rehabilitation of accident victims.

The association, said as it stand now, Ghana’s vehicle population was well over two million, and assuming 500, 000 of those cars are driven by private drivers, it means that, over two million and five hundred thousand personnel, are in both driving and allied services sector of the economy.

The national President of the Association, Rev. Erasmus AmankwaAddo, revealed this call at the launch of the annual week celebrations of the association on the theme:” Educate now to save life,” in Accra.

He said, the only solution to the carnage on the roads was to adequatelyprepare drivers in various stages of their profession as well as periodic supervision.

He explained that, over the years driving the industry has been fraught with a myriad of problems ranging from hatred among drivers, selfish ambitions, dissension, factionalism and envy of each other among others.

Mr. Amankwa Addo, sounding Biblical, said these have made it impossible for drivers to inherit the kingdom of God.

It is in view of this, that the association has taken upon itself the task to educate all drivers on the basic rudiments of the road trafficlaw to guide them when driving.

He entreated the press to help propagate the message to the motoring public to create awareness that driving schools offer the best of services to the public.

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