Drinking Pubs Along Accra’s Roads Worrying


It is becoming increasingly problematic the phenomenon of setting up drinking spots, pubs, and what we call locally as beer bars along our roads.

Every locality in Accra has its fair share of a number of drinking spots dotted along its roads. That in itself is not bad, as they are not running illegal businesses.

What is, however, disturbing is the trend where the road has become the car parks for these spots, creating inconvenience for motorists and pedestrians.

Every business worth its salt, desirous of satisfying its clients must make sure they provide car parks for them.

It is also a form of security and employment, where security men are provided to guard the cars. Turning the shoulders of the road as car park in the middle of the road is a recipe for disaster.

People go to these spots to take alcohol beverages which impair their thoughts, and so it is very worrying to have them immediately drive onto the road, when others are already using the road.

It is also creates unnecessary traffic on the road, as oncoming vehicles from both direction, had to slow down to avoid collision.

This phenomenon unfortunately is not only limited to Accra, but is a national problem that needs urgent attention, we should not sit down and fold our arms until it explodes in our faces, before we start looking for solutions.

We at The Herald are not for a moment suggesting that these pubs should be closed down, but we will be saving lives if they can be prevailed upon to provide parking spaces for their clients.

Already, most of the street lights in the cities are not working, some places don’t even have them, therby compounding the problems of motorists and pedestrians by the inability of the owners of these spots to provide adequate safety of their clients is appalling.

We don’t know under whose jurisdiction this fall, but it is our hope and prayer that the Authourities concern will take this matter up, to save lives and properties.

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