Dr. Nyarkotey Wins Young Health Research Personality Award.


Story by Shirley Thompson-Accra

Health Legend Foundation Africa, organizers of the annual African Health Legendary Awards has conferred on Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu; a known figure in the country in the fight against prostate cancer with the Young Research Personality of the year Award.

The Health Legend Awards Africa is organized annually to honor individuals and institutions in Africa who have distinguished themselves in the health sector. Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu was honored based on his distinguished research, crusade and his unique policy to recognized fathers’ Day in Ghana as national prostate cancer awards day during the John Dramani Mahama’s government. Subsequently, He has also resubmitted the same policy to the presidency to reconsider recognizing the day as such to help raise awareness of the disease.

The Policy for the first time made the former president to speak on prostate cancer during the 2016 elections on GBC sunrise FM in the eastern region making him the only president of the republic to speak on prostate cancer which the host asked him about his views on father’s Day becoming the National Prostate health awareness Day. The former president promised at that time to become a chief advocate of prostate cancer in 2016.

This same policy also had the flagbearer of the Convention Peoples Party, Ivor Greenstreet to also promise to recognize father’s day as national prostate awareness Day. This policy has made father’s Day in Ghana to have the association with prostate cancer and for the first time father’s Day was widely patronize this year with the focus on prostate cancer.

He was recently named in the Ghana’s maiden edition of 4OUNDER40 Achievers nominee 2017 for his prostate cancer crusade.Sheffield Hallam University UK alumni connects office recently wrote about his work in Ghana on the alumni connects office Facebook page for the promotion of the British Council Study UK Awards 2017 after he studied the Master’s program in prostate cancer care in the University. Based on his prostate cancer research and holistic medicine he was appointed as a research Professor of Prostate Cancer and Alternative Medicine at Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Larnaca City, Cyprus at 31years and he is the youngest and only black in the college. He proposed the course Holistic Urology at Da Vinci College.

He received the Nigeria Legendary Award this year for his crusade against prostate cancer in Nigeria by the Optimum Men’s Health Foundation, Ikorodu. Dr. Nyarkotey made several media waves in Nigeria for his prostate cancer advocacy and was enrolled as a member of the Prostate Cancer Transatlantic consortium (CaPTC) West Africa under Professor Odedina in Nigeria at the University of Florida; a firm researching into prostate cancer in black men. Dr. Nyarkotey research focuses strictly in prostate cancer in black men. Dr. Nyarkotey was appointed as the National President of the Alternative Medical Association of Ghana (AMAG). His charity has screened over 100,000 men in Ghana in the ten regions since 2014 and established the first free prostate screening center in the country at Dodowa.

A citation accompanying the award reads” As a Health Researcher, and Holistic Medical Practitioner you have made a mark for yourself in the annals of this nation and particularly in the area. Your exceptionality in the provision of the highest research into prostate cancer and the passion to establish the Men’s Health Foundation; which has become the National Peak body of prostate cancer as well as other related program has made you a giant among your peers. Your thought provoking health articles on the national dailies and your innovative scientific research has endeared you to many people across the length and breadth of this nation. You have become the preferred name in the Health Research across Ghana and beyond. It is with much respect and dignity that we confer on you this day, the prestigious Young Research Health Personality of the Year Award.

 Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu is a registered Holistic Medical Practitioner who has specialized and conducted extensive research in Naturopathic Urology, Bioenergetics Medicine and Naturopathic Oncology. He is a columnist for the Chronicle where he writes strictly on prostate health and holistic medicine. He established the Men’s Health Foundation Ghana; which has become the National peak body of prostate cancer.

Dr.Nyarkotey has published close to four hundred articles on prostate cancer with close to two million readers according to article hits assessment on modernghana. He authored the book” What everyman must know before & after 40 years-Prostate Health”. A book used by Oheneba Ntim Barimah to educate the public on prostate health. His scientific papers are widely reference in the academic world of prostate cancer. Currently, Dr. Nyarkotey Obu has formulated three natural products to support the crusade against prostate and women’s Health which have passed clinical trials at the Kwame University of Science and Technology. He is the Co-founder of RNG Holistic Hospital & Prostate Research Lab, a center to focus on research into prostate cancer in black men and holistic cancer treatment center; Cofounder of RNG Medicine Research Lab, also to focus on research, formulation and production of evidence based natural medicine using Bioernergization principles at Tema Community 18 which is due to open in December. He holds a PhD in prostate cancer and Alternative medicine from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine Academy, Kolkata, India. He has currently enrolled in his Second Doctorate in Holistic Medicine at Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine.

Dr. Nyarkotey was featured in the Joy FM Seth Kwame Boateng’s Balls in Danger Prostate cancer documentary. He is noted for his research on Vitamin D deficiency and Prostate cancer risk in black men” the Darker your skin, the higher your risk of prostate cancer’ and the Hibiscus tea as the best tea for Men’s Prostate health. He credited his success to a single Prophesy he received from ICGC –Holy Ghost Temple from Prophet Christopher Yaw Annor and was codenamed Doctor on a mission to stop prostate cancer before its strikes!

In an acceptance speech, he said“I am a man on a mission to stop prostate cancer before it strikes in the black community” he said. My role as a specialist in prostate cancer and a researcher is to provide an invaluable service to patients of diverse backgrounds and beliefs using holistic and conventional medicine. Also as a policy maker, I want to use ‘Medical Politics’ to influence decisions in Government for total holistic healings in health care.

I want to see a continent where cancer treatment is not luxury, a continent where there is national recognition of all cancers as a major health challenge and policies to address it.

According to him he has come to realize that no matter how well you eat or how fit you are, you are not indestructible – nobody is including Vegetarians. But aside that there are defense measures one can take and arming yourself with knowledge is by far the most important. He finally called on the government to recognize fathers’ Day as National prostate health awareness Day; further charged herbal and alternative practitioners to exhibit high level of professionalism and research to find cure for prostate cancer. The program was attended by high notable personalities in the Medical Sector including Professor Agyemang Badu Akosa, Turkey Ambassador to Ghana and among others. Dr. Nyarkotey is a former student of Ghanata Senior High School and Radford University College where he also studied Medical Sonography.


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