Dr. Nduom, A Kiosk Cannot Qualify To Be Called A Bank


The truth has always been self-evident in that age-old statement that encapsulates the true character of the human race. It’s a universal statement that the truth crushed to earth, shall rise again.

Running a private business, cannot be equated to running a country, how many great players in the history of world football, have turned out to be good and influential coaches.

Private business is driven purely by profit motive; it is therefore, a difficult water to navigate, when one finds himself in the public sector.

Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, must spare us the ordeal of reminding us at the least opportunity, what a successful business man he is. Examples abound In the world of businessmen, who ventured into politics and turned out to be the worst to happen to their countries.

The presidential candidate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, will not let us have our peace of mind, as he keeps telling all of us, how stupid we are for not running successful businesses, regardless of how he started his.

Nobody in this country is a stranger to how Dr. Nduom, came by his wealth. He used the opportunity given him to help in the divestiture implementation programme to amass as much wealth and properties as he possibly could and when his crimes caught up with him, he run and sought shelter as the United States embassy.

He should be the last person to be telling us about his businesses, when he well know, despite all the self-aggrandizement, most of the businesses, only exist in name and on paper.

Winning the hearts and minds of the electorates in any election, involves making promises, some could be audacious and unreasonable, it does not mean, it cannot be achieved.

Anything any human being sets his mind to is achievable, because God gave us limitless abilities and capacity to achieve whatever we set our minds to.

Barely three months to the December 7 general elections and with the major political parties making promises, Dr. Nduom, who is always getting ahead of himself, decided to take a jibe at the two frontrunners.

Addressing party faithful in the Central Region, Dr. Nduom, said that he was not in the business of promising, but he was already delivering, mentioning one district, one bank.

Granted that, GN Bank, is scattered across the country, but Dr, Nduom, must not confuse himself with the makeshifts and kiosks that house the bank, to mean he has covered every district in the country.

Most rural banks and Savings and Loans companies, could boast of better facilities, including concrete buildings that GN Bank, which is supposed to be a Universal bank.

I sometimes wonder anytime I see the offices of GN Bank, whether Dr. Nduom, is not throwing dust in our eyes. In his haste to get to where he is today, to use the bank, as a yardstick for how successful he is and for which reason Ghanaians, should give him the mandate, Dr. Nduom, quickly opened, some structures in the shape and form of lotto kiosks as branches for his bank.

He had the audacity to tell the people of the Central Region and by extension Ghanaians that, he is tried and tested; he has shown that, he could do it, by establishing one district, one bank.

Having had his political oxygen mask abruptly demobilised in 2008, when he contested on the ticket of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), he now seeks rehabilitation with the PPP, although 2012, was another disaster outing.

Ghanaians, have seen behind all that talk of am a successful businessman, GN Bank, was a by-product of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA), when he used his position as a minister under ex-president, John Agyekum Kufuor and his relation with the America government, to start a bank that, he is now boasting of.

The Mr. Yorke that ex-president Rawlings foisted on this country, could not make any clean money, except through a lottery, as far as I know, he has not won none.

His preposterous possessiveness resembles the spectacle of a thief pleading that the stolen goods that represent the collective wealth of an entire neighborhood, belongs to him.

The PPP, a political party that he owns, finance, manages, controls, has released its manifesto, but neither his assigns nor Ghanaians, pay any heed to it. It is time for Dr. Nduom, to critically examine his role in the whole political space of the country.

Having money and owning one or two companies, does not mean, one has leverage over everybody. I will agree with the school of thought that, postulate that, before venturing into politics, one should be self made, or must have accomplish something in life, but that does not mean anybody with questionable character, must also stake a claim, because they have money to throw around.

Going through the radio, appearing on television set or going round the country to say this and that, fault here, fault there, is not what will move Ghana forward.

The PPP and Dr. Nduom, are the fresh air Ghanaians need from the National Democratic Congress and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), but it seem, they are also not up to it.

Every close observer of this year’s elections, will safely conclude that, Ghanaians are not enthused about it, because they are tired of the promise and fail, the only voices we hear, is not that of Ghanaians, but the politicians, who have nothing new to tell us, except seek our mandate.

Ghanaians were looking for an alternative; unfortunately the new political virus unleashed on us is Dr. Nduom and the Progressive People’s Party.

For the umpteenth time, Dr. Nduom, what you have scattered across the country, cannot be described as branches fit for a universal or commercial bank, but rather kiosks, and containers, which cannot even qualify for a proper provisions shop.

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