Dr. Kofi Portuphy Threatens The Herald


The National Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), Dr. (Hon) Kofi Portuphy, has threatened a court action against “The Herald”, over it publication of Monday September 1 2012.

He is objecting to that edition’s story titled: “Portuphy’s Rice and Oil Politics Collapsing” on its front page, which the National Democratic Congress (NDC) chairman aspirant says, amounts to libel.

Details of the story said that the NDC Constituencies election results from the Volta Region, showed that many incumbent executives, who were loyalists of Mr. Portuphy and workers of NADMO and seeking re-election, had been booted out of office, while officials of the NADMO seeking
party executive position for the first, also lost.

The report continued that from the Ketu-South Constituency for example, regarded as a strong-hold of the ruling party, delegates rejected known agents of the NADMO boss, most of whom were seen fixing his posters on walls.

Additional information picked up by “The Herald” pointed out that rice, oil and other items exchanged hands, especially in Accra and mentioned was specifically made of the Okaikoi Constituency as one of the areas, where some executives were seen receiving the products.

The paper mentioned how a beneficiary admitted to receiving the items and mentioned the source.

But writing through his lawyer, Kofi Dua-Adonteng, Solicitor and Barrister, Mr. Portuphy said that the story was untrue, adding that the publication was only “meant to defame and damage his hard earned reputation as a public officer with the view to lowering his esteem in the
eyes of right thinking members of society”.

According to the notice, “the publication is understood by the public to mean that our client is dishonest, lacks credibility, and has been fraudulently abusing his office as a public officer, in the pursuit of a personal agenda.

We have instructions, in the circumstances to let you know emphatically that, the publication as noted herein is untrue, and its attributions to the extent that our client is concerned are unfounded”.

In view of that, the notice which was served on “The Herald” last Saturday, September 6, demanding immediate retraction or withdrawal of the said story and offer an unqualified apology to the NADMO boss within five days, failure to do so will require a libel and related reliefs,
including punitive damages.

Meanwhile, The Herald is in the process of the handing over the letter to its lawyer, for a competent legal advice on the matter.

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