Dr. Edward Mahama; The President Ghana Will Never Have


If elections are won on merit in this country, then the best person to lead this nation is Dr. Edward Mahama, the man is a leader amongst equals in and outside the politics.

He has shown maturity and selflessness since 1996, when he made hi first attempt at the presidency. Although, he is leading what we refer to as a small party and for that matter, not much attention is giving to his life outside politics, he has exemplified himself and lived above reproach.

He had the rare opportunity to partner President John Agyekum Kufuor, an opportunity many people, would have jumped at without a second thought, he turned it down on principle, knowing full well that, there was no way the party he leads, the Peoples National Convention (PNC), will win any election.

He earned my respect and admiration once again for the matured way and manner, he has handled his disqualification, since the Electoral Commission, came out with the announcement.

He has displayed high sense of patriotism and statemanship by respecting the authourity and mandate of the Electoral Commission; he has shown respect for our state institutions and has resolved that, the only forum to seek redress is the law court.

Immediately after the announcement by the EC disqualifying thirteen (13) out of the seventeen (17) aspirants, who had filed to contest this year’s presidential election, all of them went to town casting and running down the institution and the commissioner, Madam Charlotte Osei.

This was despite the fact that, the Constitution, has provided another forum to adjudicate electoral and other issues brought before it, by aggrieved parties.

Dr. Edward Mahama, has since not made any comment, he did not request for any audience with the Electoral Commission, he has simply through his party executives, indicated the readiness of the PNC to go to court.

A little recourse to decorum, would have sufficed to impose logic on the minds of some presidential candidates of the other disqualified political parties to—out of respect to Ghanaians and the electoral body, behaved in a manner befitting of someone seeking for the highest office of the land.

Hassan Ayariga, of the All People’s Congress (APC) threw caution to the wind and his own upbringing, when he went ballistic, like a mad dog.
After the announcement of his disqualification, he took off on his usual rant with threats directed at the person of Madam Charlotte Osei.

Mr. Ayariga, who claims he is a Muslim, should know the place of women in Islam; someone should please tell him that, no serious person talks like that anymore.

To compound matters, we all seem to be enjoying this theatre of the absurd, and it seems that we have all been held captive by the antics of this man, which if allowed to continue will not only worsen Ghana’s image, but could be more so injurious to the future of its fledgling democracy.

Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom of the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP), also hurriedly organized a press conference, asking the EC to grant him five minutes, he knew nothing was going to come out of it, but nonetheless he insisted and was granted his wish.

After the audience, he proceeded to radio stations to rundown the EC with stories of his own and why he thinks he was not treated fairly.

These are matters that would come up in court, as his party, has filed a writ in court, praying the court to overturn their disqualification and be allowed back into the election.

Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, has also not taken her disqualification lightly, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Party (NDP), is also up in arms against the EC. She has decried the Electoral Commission for disqualifying her. From radio station to radio station, she has stated the reason why she feels, she was not treated well.

Through her lawyers, they wrote to the EC, demanding certain answers and given the Commission an ultimatum to reinstate her or she heads to court. The Commission wrote back explaining to them why they had the mandate to do what they did.

She has also gone to court to seek redress.

Henry Lartey of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP), flanked by his lawyer, like a newly sign soccer star, addressed a press conference, also threatening the EC to put him back into the race, else he will head to court.

The party is yet to file its case in court, but it made time to lambast the Commission for simply fulfilling its constitutional mandate.

All these political parties failed to do due diligence and scrutinize the nomination forms given to them, they slept on their right to properly fill
the form, for so long they have been pampered and allowed to get away with errors, they think the Commission, does not have the powers to do what it did.

We will wait and see the outcome of the law suits.

Dr. Edward Mahama, has left his fate in the hands of the court, he has risen above pettiness and mindless complaints.

The action of the EC has only expose the character of the disqualified individuals and it is clear that, they are not ready for the highest office
of the land.

Being a president, is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, anybody who does not have the temperament to withstand disappointments cannot be the Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces. A little disappointment and you lose your cool, as if the world is coming to an end.

Dr. Edward Mahama, is the only one, who has shown that, he can stand adversity, he trusts in our state institutions and is ready to allow the institutions to work, regardless of whether he agrees or disagree with their decision.

Since joining politics, he has demonstrated that politics is not about survival, it is not a means to an end, but rather an avenue to help and advance the course of Ghanaians.

Unfortunately for him, he comes from this side of the world, where values such as selflessness, hard work, dedication to country, competence, statesmanship, etc are not rewarded.

We vote on tribalism, we vote not based on issues, but because my father or mother belongs to this or that party, it has become like a religion to us, this is exactly why we are where we are. We celebrate mediocrity. We worship political parties that have failed and we wonder why we have not
climbed any higher.

I know this is his last attempt at the presidency and it looks a very embarrassing ending, as it is possible he won’t be on the ballot paper, for what it is worth, posterity will remember him as a gentleman, a true statesman, and a patriot.

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